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Game Designer Convention in Seattle area

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This came from another thread... I thought it warranted its own thread....

I wanted to say that as one of the Uncle's Games managers I will gladly put on the shelf a game that is just starting up... So let me know :-).

Also for those of you who live in Seattle area, there will be a game designer convention designed to promote and show off all of the games that were never published in the area. Organized with the help of Uncle's Games and Crossroad Mall, it will be happening on the 19 and 20th of March. All big companies will be invited, and all new designers are of course welcome, who knows, you might get lucky. Please contact me if you would like more info at: .


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Sorry guys I totally messed up, I accidentally put in the completely wrong date... I knew it was the weekend after mother’s day... But I forgot what day was mother’s day (sorry long day at work today (sold another 2 of Andrey's game))!!! First of all its on May 20th, 21st and 22nd..., second to who ever is interested drop me an e-mail, so I can reserve a location for you. let me know what game are you brining so I can start making the sections by the types of games. I do apologize for miss information (after all if I am organizing it I at least should know the dates .

Thank you for taking interest, we hope to have a great turn out.

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WHERE: Crossroads Mall
15600 NE 8th Ave

WHAT: Game Creation Convention

WHO: All Game creators including big boys are invited

WHO IS IN CHARGE: ME :-) Kirill Gil - Crossroads Uncle's Games manager. You can contact me at work (425)746-1539. Or e-mail at .

I have no time, to deal with organization of it right now, but as soon as Christmas ends I will start the official list (I will l post them as the confirmations come). The dates are set with the mall however and some people has been invited already.

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Game Designer Convention in Seattle area

I sent an e-mail, I'm very interested in another excuse to get up to Seattle. I think I'd actually prefer if it were in March, but oh well... I hope in May it doesn't overlap Kublacon.

What costs are involved, and what can I expect it to be like? I have asked these questions and others in the e-mail, and maybe I'll post the answers here if they are interesting.

Edit - it is the weekend BEFORE KublaCon.

- Seth

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