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Game idea:Empiria(feedback welcome)

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I am rather new at game design, this is my first real attempt at it. I have, however, been playing boardgames most of my life.

The working title is Empiria, unless someone else is using that.

The world setting is somewhat similar to Arcanum and a couple other Victorian fantasy RPG's out there, in that the world has both magic and Victorian steampunk tech, plus some good old fashioned barbarians. Not too terribly original, I suppose, but I haven't seen any boardgames that really combine all these elements, beyond Iron Dragon.

My aim for the game is to be a strategic war/economic game somewhat like Axis and Allies. I have already started to note down the six factions involved in the world, and have begun a world map sketch(albeit crude and in pencil in graph paper.)

I'm still deciding whether to use cards or dice for the battle system, although cards will definitely be a part of it, for resources and events. If I go with dice, it will not be normal dice, I'm thinking of battle dice with swords and shields, perhaps.

Any constructive comments are welcome, just no bashing based on unoriginality, nothing new under the sun.:)

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