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Game: Mmmm Pie!

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This is my newest game i have created, tell me what you think and what I need to change, please.
Mmmm Pie! is a game to be played quickly and simply by 2-6 players with one deck of 85 cards. Each card is either a pie(pumpkin, chery, apple, or chocolate) or a Special(burn, throw, eat, whipped cream)
At the beginning of each round, each player is dealt a number of cards(8 for 2 players, 6 for 3, 5 for 4, 4 for 5, 3 for6) and the top card is flipped up off the deck, if it is not a pie, it is sent to the bottom and a new one is flipped. Then the players take turns playing cards to take the pie. To take the pie and keep it in your pie pile, you must play the last ingredient of the pie. Each pie has 6 ingredients, all of which are pies. When the pie is taken, a new round begins and everybodys hands are shuffled back in the deck. If a player has no pies they can play(and don't have a special they wish to play) they must draw a card from the deck. The pie flipped from the top and all cards on top of it is called the pie stack. There are also special cards you can play.
Whipped Cream- Whipped cream is worth two points at the end of the game. You play these on top of the pie sstack like pie cards.(they do not count as an ingredient though)
Burn- Shuffle all cards in the pie stack and in players' hands into the deck and start a new round.
Eat- Take all the cards in the pie stack, all other players draw 3 cards from the deck and put them in their pie pile.
Throw- When a player plays the last ingredient of a pie, any other player may play a throw card to divide the cards in the pie stack evenly to all players.(remainder goes to completer of the pie)
The game is over when there are not enough cards to play a round(for 4 or 5 players less than 21, 3 or 6, <19, for 2, ,17)
At the end of the game, each player gets 1 point for each card except whipped cream, which they get two points for. the player with the most points wins the game! Mmmm Pie! I love Pie!

So, Do you like it? Anything I should change?

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