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Game of politics and intrigue

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I have no idea what meduim this game would be (Role playing, card, board or combination).

The story:
The city has achieved a new height in technology, developing a weapon that will rule the world. Now the three groups are vying for control of this weapon and the throne of the entire earth.

The factions:
The Army-State
Led by a dangerous general in cheif

The Party
Led by the orginizer, a popular figure, this is a strictly political party with unoffical goverment ties

The Revolution
Led by a stary-eyed leader from the lowest, most abused class of the city is striving for equality for all

Each party uses influence, power and betrayal to ultimitly rule the throne.
I'm thinking players wouldn't know who belonged to what faction, but I would like to have some sort of abillties for each charector and maybe some sort of combat system too. Any ideas.


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This may be similar

I wanted to do something in a gangster genre, with three branches of business- Liquer, Prostitution, Drugs- and each player is vying for control of each branch.

I guess that could be changed around a bit so that the players try and get a particular one of the three branches to outperform the other two- where in your case the 'branches' are the factions.

I don't know that this has been any help at all, but you never know.

- Seth

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