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games themed for women

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Are there any popular strategy games themed for women? I ask because it seems that this segment of the industry is dominated by men, and it seems most of the games I see have a certain testosterone quotient or they're neutral. I realize I'm painting in broad strokes here and dealing in generalizations. I was wondering if anyone has tried to bridge this divide by creating a game with a theme designed to appeal to women but with a strong game mechanic that would appeal to the most ardent gamer. If someone has, have they been successful? Or am I wrong in even perceiving a divide?



Joined: 12/31/1969
making towers or shapes

mm, very broad painting here too, but Basari and Alhambra have been popular with our club's lady gamers for their non-warfare, gentle building/collecting aspects. In studies of infants behaviour with play-bricks, generally boys like to build towers and knock them down whereas girls prefer to arrange them into flat shapes.

I designed a card game based on connecting characters into family/work relationships (called 6-Degrees) which (hopefully) includes enough game-strategy for the menfolk :)

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