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This my first board game I designed, based on the .hack anime series. It's sort of like chess. I'd appreciate any feedback, good or bad. Thanks in advance!

.hack//TACTICS is played on a 6x6 field similarly to chess, such as moving one piece per turn, yet with quite a few new twists. The pieces have been made into two teams; .hack//SIGN and .hack//GAME which represent two major parts in the .hack series. Each team has six Player Characters (PC’s). The PC’s are split into six types, each with their own unique playing style, and must battle any opponents PC they would either pass over or land on. The battle style used involves a dice roll to determine Destiny and is explained in more detail below.

As a piece moves, it battles against an opponents PC and both players roll a 6-sided die (If a player rolls a six, that player must re-roll). The rolled number is called Destiny. Destiny is added to the PC’s original attack value. If there is a tie in destiny, then both players must re-roll until one is higher. After a piece wins a battle, Wounds are issued. A Wound results from a loss in battle. A piece is destroyed and removed from the game when it has acquired a certain amount of wounds, depending on the type of piece. If a piece that planned to move loses a battle, but manages to survive, the piece moves to the intended square and that players turn ends. The winner of the game is the player who has destroyed all of his opponents’ PC‘s.

(Piece/Attack Value/Abilities/Movement)

Wavemaster/2/You may decide not to move this turn. If you do, on your next turn you may make up to two moves with a non-wavemaster PC. Use only once per 3 turns./One space in any direction.
Long Arm/3/None/Two spaces diagonally.
Twin Blade/3/None/Two spaces horizontally or vertically.
Heavy Blade/3/None/Two spaces horizontally, and one vertically.
Blademaster/3/None/Two spaces vertically, and one horizontally.
Heavy Axeman/4/None/One space vertically, and one space horizontally

Q.) Can a piece ‘jump over’ another piece on it‘s team?
A.) Yes, it can. However, a PC cannot land on the same space inhabited by a PC of the same team, although it may land on the same space as an opponent’s PC.

Q.) Say there are two opposing pieces on the same square, can one be moved with out there being a battle between the two?
A.) Yes. When a PC moves, the space it’s on isn’t counted, so no battle would take place between the two pieces.

Q.) If my piece wins against an unwounded PC, do I have to fight it again, or do I move on to the next space/battle?
A.) You move on to the next space or battle.

Q.) What’s the .hack series?
A.) The .hack series is based in 2007-2010. It’s about an MMORPG (Mass-Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) that seems to be going haywire from the inside out.

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are any of the peices "worth" more than any others? ie: queens and of course kings in chess.

is there some in-game goal other than total decimation of your opponent?

if not i guarantee you will never reach this end in any game you play. why would you keep playing with one or two wounded peices if there's very little chance of winning? if those wounded peices could acheive some goal that could net them the win if they keep fighting then it would allow the game to continue even with overbalanced odds on the combat side of things. ultimately i think this would make the end game more exciting and therefor fun.

if there is no goal what is the point of moving? if you move you get hurt. if the point of the game is to not get hurt then don't move.

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now that i look over what you've written i see the wavemaster class can "choose not to" move in a turn...

this implies that all other peices MUST move every turn...

if so this changes things a bit though not much. it's still just an attrition game with no real point. if you must move then you must move and it doesn't really matter where you move because you're not trying to acheive much. and with a 6X6 board you can't really avoid hitting someone.

don't get me wrong... attrition combat games can be fun. we used to play battletech this way for hours. equal forces go into the feild and pummel each other to death for no point... often standing toe to toe for multiple can be good fun but only as an occasionaly distraction. after we were done with that we went back to playing the real game of trying to acquire strategicly advantageous hills or power plants or trying to break out of the north side of the map before the reinforcments come or trying to assasinate the leader of the other side or WHATEVER... combat was fun and very often needed but it was very very rarely the end goal. this made it more valuable and more feared and much more exiting when it did happen.

your game is more like checkers than chess as in chess there IS a goal. in checkers it's simple attrition and when's the last time you played checkers over and over and over again and were really into it? really cared what happened? if you say "yesterday! i love checkers!" well then i guess i don't have much to say anymore....

anyway, these are just some thoughts to maybe spark some ideas with you.

good luck and keep us posted!


Thanks a lot for the feedback, I'll be sure to edit and change around the rules and try to make it so that there's more of a specific goal.
Thanks again!

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