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Health Points in a Wargame

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Hey Everyone,

I just came up with a mechanic dealing with health points that I thought would be fun to use to in a wargame. So I decided to post it here in case anyone has some comments/suggestions.

Whenever you get attacked you will place there attack strength on your unit. Your health would be measured by squares that have a cut out part in the center that would fit around the unit.

Say that a Commando has a Attack of 2, and his Health is 3. He gets attacked by a Marine who has an Attack of 1, and a health of 2.

Commando - Minuses 1 (Marines Attack). So you would place 1 cut-out (Damage markers) on the commando. Which now means the commando has 2 health points left.

Marine - Minuses 2 (Commandos Attack). So the Marine would die, because there would be 2 damage markers on him, and he has a health of 2.

When there are the same amount of damage markers on the unit, then health, the unit is dead.

Hopefully that made sense. I couldn't find the correct way to word it all. Don't you hate when you have it all in your head but can't put it on paper?


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Health Points in a Wargame

I think your explanation makes sense. What doesn's really make sense is for the marine to commit suicide attacking the commando, but hey! They're military. ;-)

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Health Points in a Wargame


Yes! I understand the mechanism, but I don’t understand how to use it.
If both sides have an attack value of 30 and a "wound" value of 30, then will both side be slaughter at the same time. If you manage to (in a suicide mission) kill a unit with a high attack value with a useless unit, then you have a small edge.
What you have right now is a Magic game where the wounds remain or a Stratego where the units can lower each others values.

You can add more rules about attack bonuses, "wound" bonuses, restorations and other rules, but you will still need to add something more.
I think that you need to add a random factor to the game.

// Johan

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Health Points in a Wargame

Also, in practical terms, such a system would limit your scope to skirmish level fights, since you couldn't use counters to indicate damage for more than a handful of figures. Remember, you'll have to move all those markers with the figure, and this won't be practical for more than six or so figures. The markers will also rapidly get in the way when two marked figures get too close.

Usually. markers placed ontot hte table in wargames have other effects that just record-keeping, so you might want to incorporate some sort of disruption effect for squads with markers on them. If you're doing a game with squad-level tactical units, I suggest that the entire squad take markers, while individuals are simply kiled or not.

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