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Help brainstorm planet names

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Hi -

I am going to make the next revision of the board for my Space Pirates Tycoon game soon. You can see an oldish version of the game here: during play testing I have modified the physical game and the web-site version is a little old.

A concept drawing of the board is here:

One thing slowing me down is naming some of the planets. In the game there are four home worlds and 5 planets where players can go to get goods.

The four home worlds are for the four companies: Drake industries, Quicksilver LTD., Interplanetary Parcel Service (IPS), and Starlight Shipping co.

The five Planets are a Industry planet that specializes in Goods, a City planet that specializes in Luxuries, a water planet that if you didn’t guess specializes in Water, a mining planet that specializes in Ore, and a space station where Passengers are the prime commodity.

I have two names I like. Today, the home planet for Drake Ind. is "Draconia Prime" and the space station is called "Gateway Station". The other 7 need names. If push comes to shove I will just pull something out of my butt before printing out the next version.

If anyone is bored or interested I would love to hear any other ideas for the names of any or all of the nine planets.

Thanks -

- Dwight

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Planet Name Generator

a quick google turned up this site:

perhaps a good name or two will come from there?

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Re: Planet Name Generator

jord wrote:
a quick google turned up this site:

perhaps a good name or two will come from there?

Ha! Thanks. I use google 10 times a day and it didnt occur to me.

- Dwight

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Help brainstorm planet names

Wow!, That's cool. I remember needing stellar system names for a video game of mine. Some people suggested to get real system names. I extracted some entries from a list included in a software and it gave me the following selection :

<br />
ALDERAN      ALPHA   CEP<br />
CANOPUS      ALPHA   CAR<br />
CAPELLA      ALPHA   AUR<br />
CELAENO      16      TAU<br />
DENEB        ALPHA   CYG<br />
DUBHE        ALPHA   UMA<br />
ELNIATH      BETA    TAU<br />
ETANIN      GAMMA   DRA<br />
MEKALIN     BETA    AUR<br />
PLEIONE      BU      TAU<br />
POLARIS      ALPHA   UMI<br />
POLLUX       BETA    GEM<br />
REGULUS      ALPHA   LEO<br />
RIGEL        BETA    ORI<br />
SIRIUS       ALPHA   CMA<br />
VEGA         ALPHA   LYR<br />
SHERATAN     BETA    ARI<br />
MIZAR        ZETA    UMA<br />
MIRACH       BETA    AND<br />
MEKAR       ALPHA   CET<br />
MAIDA         20      TAU<br />
HADAR        BETA    CEN<br />
CAPH         BETA    CAS<br />
ANEB        ALPHA   LEP<br />
ATRIA        ALPHA   TRA<br />
AVIOR        EPSILON CAR<br />
ALKAID       ETA     UMA<br />
ALBIREO      BETA    CYG<br />
THUBAN       ALPHA   DRA<br />
WEZEN        DELTA   CMA<br />
PHACT        ALPHA   COL<br />
SABIK        ETA     OPH<br />
SCHEAT       BETA    PEG<br />
MERAK        BETA    UMA<br />
GINEAH       GAMMA   CRV<br />
ALTENA       GAMMA   GEM<br />
ZOMA         DELTA   LEO<br />
SHALA        LAMBDA  SCO<br />
DIPHIDIA     BETA    CET<br />
NANUKI       SIGMA   SGR<br />

I don't rememebr exactly what each column mean, the first column is the name, the second is maybe the constellation or star type and the third is the short name or initials.

Of course, these are system names. Generally planet names are derived from system name. A roman number identify the planet starting from the sun and a small letter is used to identify a moon. So if you consider that our stellar system is "Sol" then :

Sol I is Murcury
Sol III is Earth
Sol IIIa is the moon

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Help brainstorm planet names

Real names are definitely nice to have, I was designing a rather ambitious online game some years back and in that process developed a database of pretty well all stars withing 100 or so light-years of earth.

If I can track that down again, I'll try to post it as an excel file or something.

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Help brainstorm planet names

Those are mostly astronomical star designations. For instance, Polaris is technically Alpha Ursae Minoris -- "Alpha" because it is the brightest star (as seen from Earth) in the constellation Ursa Minor, abbreviated "UMI". Andromeda is the galaxy M-31 in the constellation Andromeda.

I always wondered where Douglas Adams came up with his names for planets -- Calufrax, Bantraginus V, Golgafrincham, etc. Those would be great for lots of science fiction games. Unfortunately, it's too late to ask him.

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