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Hex or squares

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Im not close to finiching this game im working on.
Its 50% building a map with tiles. Players can buy aditonal tiles to make the world grow. Players will controle 0-3 "heros or Farmers" each

Im just thinking of making Hex or Square map

Square advantages/deadv
-Easy to make
-Dead situations moving Repeting movment..

Hex advantages/deadvantage
-Manygames alredy use this
-More move options

-Bad space to place objekts on

I like the 4 side cube (da mighty SQUARE) what do you guys think?

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Hex or squares

Depends on how tactical the game is. The more "realism" you require, increases your need for hex's.

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Hex or squares

I have some ideas on this, but need more info.

What kind of game is it?

Like a battle simulator where each hex (or square, or whatever) is small and is a "space" unto itself? Building a map like that out of tiles of any shape would involve LOTS of tiles to even approach a useful play area for most game mechanics... not to mention the agony of jostling your whole map out of place during a game...

Some sort of travel/exploration/development game where the tiles are large, have events/junctions/etc on them, and there are paths (hallways, wormholes, yadda yadda) leading from one tile to the next? For this type of game I would go with hexes just for the multiple pathway options.... 4 (from the square tile option) seems too limited to me, and I think you'd end up with a more boring map.

Something else not covered by these 2? A Settlers of Catan-style game where there is no actual travel between tiles?

Let me know,


Hex or squares

The players are GODs over a world called DUNDRA the map will consist of maybe 9 pieces from the begining.

Players can spend there powers each turn on spawning Land, resourses , buildings , leaders , weapons, warriors.

People will propebly control 2 pieces wich can move. Each player will probly have controle over 6-8 land pieces each untile you counqure some from an opponent.

There will be a few diffrent Gods to play who gain power in diffrent ways and a few races of civilisation.

There will be some die rolling. If i use my powers to buy land i roll a D10 and check what land piecse i get. Some Gods might be able to pay gold for a +-2 or a direkt pick with more...

The fights will consist of people picking diffrent actioncards ex kick
2 damage cost 1 action....

There is no reall strategic movment, its more battle? or no battle.

HWat do you think?

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