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Hex Shaped Counters?

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Does anyone know of a program, website, etc. that allows you to design your own counters? If there are multiple sites, I would like to check a few options out.

If it's available, I would like to create hex shaped counters that have text written around all 6 edges and an icon in the center.



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Hex Shaped Counters?

I use Corel Draw to make hex shaped tiles (and even hex based grids too).

I have to cut them out my self,but I am sure ther are printers you can send them off to, to get them printed and cut for you. there might even be a precut template that you can use (if anybody does know of a template like this it would be good to know).

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Hex Shaped Counters?

Photoshop, pagemaker, and maybe MS Paint or even MS Word can do that.

Photoshop and Pagemaker are probably expensive, but the others aren't. In Word, try right clicking the toolbar and getting the drawing toolbar. Then choose Autoshapes and get the hexagon. You can make an equilateral hexagon by holding shift while you draw it.

Then use WordArt to type something, and then choose Free Rotate in the WordArt toolbar to rotate the text.

Similar things can be done in Excell as well.

- Seth

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Hex Shaped Counters?

(Sorry for replying to an 'old' post but have only just regained internet access)

I would try Campaign Cartographer. Whilst intended more for creating maps, it does have the facility to create a sheet of hexagons and (I am not an expert) I suspect you could snap text to the 6 edges.

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