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Hover Racers!

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Two days ago I had the sudden feeling that I wanted to make a racing game. I don't know why...
I have been designing this game for two days and have decided to post it on the forums.

Hover Racers
Mechanics Used: Dice Movement, Auctioning, RolePlaying(optional)

Object: To be the first one to get your hover craft from the start to the finish.

Equipment: The game comes with four hover crafts, equipment cards, dice, and board.

Setup: 1. Lay out the game board. 2. Give each player $1,000,000. 3. Give each player a hover craft.

Types of Games:
Roleplaying: If playing roleplaying, players go BEYOND simply racing the hover crafts. A GM will have to make adventures for the players and racing will be slightly different, with prizes at the end of races, ect, ect.

Quick Games: This is more for if you have less time to play. It is a one race game.

Before the Race: Draw two equipment card per player. (2 players, 4 cards. 3 players, 6 cards. 4 players, 8 cards.) Put each card in a pile. Take the first card and place it in the middle of the board. Each player bids on the card (if they wish to). They may not spend more then they have. Do this until each player has a card for engine, hover jets, weapon, shield, and possibly the two extra optional areas. If you run out of cards before everyone has all of there spots filled, draw more cards. If nobody bids on a certain item, put it on the bottom of the deck.

Engine Cards: These cards allow for more dice rolling or better dice. One engine could let each player roll 1d4 and another allows a player to roll 4d6.

Hover Jet Cards: These cards tell how high in the hover jet is when racing. If it is high enough it might be able to go over another hover jet. If it is low enough it might be able to go under another hover jet.

Weapon Cards: These cards allow you to attack your opponents. Some do more damage then others. If the opponent's shield is down, it might make him (or her) lose a turn!.

Shield Cards: These cards allow you to take attacks from your opponents. If your shields are down, you might lose a turn because of the attack.

Optional Part Cards: These cards give your hover crafts special abilities. Things like Radar that lets you see when an opponent is attacking give you a chance to dodge it. Note: If players have all of their cards except these cards and the pile is gone, the game is started without them having Optional Parts.

During the Race:
During the beginning of the race, each player rolls their dice (whatever their engines allow). They all move that many spaces ethier forward, diagnoal or across (NEVER BACKWORDS!). That will also count for their initative roll. The lowest to highest will go first. (Lowest to highest, to show that the hover crafts that moved a little less still have a burst in their engines).

Attacking: When attacking an opponent, first make sure that your prey is within distance. If they are, roll your attack dice (whatever your weapon card allows). Do that much damage to the opponents shields. If your opponents shields are down, roll a six-sided dice. On a 4, 5, or 6, that player misses his (or her) next turn to repair their vehicle. Hover crafts cannot be 'destroyed'.

The End of a Race:
The first person to reach the finish line is the winner of the race. In Quick Game mode, this is the end of the game and the winner of the game is the person who won the race.
In Roleplaying mode, this is only the end of one race, and the story continues.

------------------------------End of Rules-----------------------------------------

I will post up more rules on the roleplaying mode later.

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Hover Racers!

Hey that sounds fairly simple, though with enough variety to keep it interesting in replays, hopefully. A bit quick perhaps, strategy-wise, it seems 'there', but thats about it - the drawing cards things seems more like rolling dice - mostly luck? Still, some of the earmarks of a collectible card game without that time (and money) investment - sounds good for a take out and play once in a while - I'm interested to hear the idea behind the role playing and what it would involve.

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