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How to create a randomly changing Game board Overlay?

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Hehe I wanted this for years and now I'll tell about it, it's much like "holo-gaming" or HUD technology the simplified way.

Changing boards fascinize me.
The game in this particular case is called Pharaonic. Imagine there is a Senet-alike Game board meaning a block to stick tokens in holes, and this one has the shape of a casket. The pyramid this casket rests in supposed to have a window where starlight is shining on the casket.
Well and that cosmical influence is it.

I thought of using a unit mutual to a standing desk-lamp unit (those with long "neck") with a very weak light bulb-the lamp which would have a folia which is attached in a ring that can be spinned. The folia will have marks on it resemebling stars which - as the distance of board and lamp is exactly positioned - result in projection on the casket. As cosmical changes alter the game board. The prob is just that I want the folia spin by itself. Not by snipping it to rotation.

Once i had an old kiddie game "Secret of Cobra". It worked like the popular hog with the pirate inside where you shove daggers inside and one hole is wicked making him spring out. There was a plastic mechanic inside (non battery powered) that spun (spinned?) itself to lock one hole while it left all others open. In my game I thought to have the spin everytime when people stick a token in a hole, to alter the stars. But how should I do that?
And btw - how do u like the concept? It's played with egyptian Ankh-symbols as tokens ;)

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How to create a randomly changing Game board Overlay?

I don't quite understand everything you laid out. However, a more economical way to make it spin would be to use some sort of randomizing device (perhaps a die) and just physically spin it based on the outcome of the die roll or whatever.

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