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Idea - Boardgame Publishing/Designing

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Hey Everyone

I am going to start a new boardgame, so I was searching through some themes I might use. To my suprise I found a nice post (Themes waiting to be used) that talked about new, and done to death themes.

To my suprise I found a nice idea to make a boardgame, about making boardgames. So I started to brainstorm a bit, and this is what I got so far.

Theme - Boardgame creating
Players - 2-5(?)

Designer Each player is boardgame designer/publisher.
You try to collect the main parts of a game (Mechinacs, Theme, Name, Rules) You must collect all the parts of a specific game (I.E. You can't have the name "Treasure Hunter" and a theme about "City-buildings")

Publisher Once you have a complete game, you get to publish your game. If you are first player you may get more money, during the long run, but this person might have cut-corners to get his game out quickly.

Winning First player to get X amount of money wins!

Ok, this is what I have so far.
-Ideas, Suggestions (Needed)

P.S This is in the brainstorming phase, anything thing you give me will most likely help me. Also thx to Drakehorse, Zaiga, and Bryk for this idea.

Idea - Boardgame Publishing/Designing

Don't forget the art and artist. This is a vital compenent for setting up appeal for purchase as well as creating buzz value and more satisfying gaming experience, which could result in more sales from others in a gaming group.

I rank art/graphic design as one of the components along with theme and mechanics.

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