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Idea for card based strategy game

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Hey everyone. Just found this place recently and it looks like a great treasure trove of experience and thoughts on game design. I thought I'd introduce myself and point you to my blog which I refer to as my 'creativity palette': a place to store ideas for game designs, writing stories, etc.

I'm an avid gamer (board games, card games, some video games, pen & paper RPGs, etc.) and have been interested in the field of game design for a while. I'm a little disappointed that so far 99% of the material out there is geared towards the hot topic of video game design and not just game patterns/principles in general.

Anyway, feel free to check out my blog and give me feedback on any ideas I have. I've recently begun playtesting a game, Kingdoms & Empires and would love to hear your thoughts on the game. It's a card-based game of conquering cities, gathering troops and keeping up citizens' morale. Recent posts on the blog have more details.

Thanks, and I look forward to conversations with everyone on here. Game on ;-)

Creativity Palette


Idea for card based strategy game

I'm developing a card-based strategy game myself, so I'm interested in the topic.

I'll check out your blog. Thanks for sharing, and welcome!


Idea for card based strategy game

Intriging, very

Card based strategy huh, I look forward to seeing how this works out
I'll check your blog and I look forward to updates.

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