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Infantry\Cavalry\Canons Combat mechanics

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Over the last week some people ask advice about simple combat mechanics. I'll try to surf the wave with everybody giving good advice and try my mechanics at this forum.

Let's start.

My game that place in the Napoleonian empire. The players play personalities of France. They must work together in order to succeed. One of them will have a General and fight a war.

The war is a card or event. The opposing value will only be the number of success require to have a minor victory or a major victory (giving a different number of victory point to the general). Something like 3 sucess for a minor and 5 for a major victory.

Each infantry give a success on a 6 on the dice.
Each cavalry give a success on a 5-6 on the dice.
Each artillery give a +1 to the infantry or the cavalry after they roll their dice.
A general will give a +0 to +2 to all unit.
The Emperer is present will replace the general and give a +3 to all unit.
A Natural 1 mean that the unit is destroy and 1/6 chance to have an artillery destroyed.

I have to think of something for the elite infantry but that will come later.

I'm kinda of using the system design by West End games for Star Wars RPG. I hate this system soooo much, and now I'm thinking on using it for my game. Ironic isn't it.

I haven't check the system carefully for proabilities. I might need some tweeking but it's the overall aspect that I'm most interested in.

Thanks have a good day/night/afterlife.


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Infantry\Cavalry\Canons Combat mechanics

Of course, I finished writting the mail and realized I missed few things.

The cost of the units will be 1 for the infantry, 3 for the cavalry and 8 for the artillery. Each army will consist of about 10 infantry, 4-5 cavalry and 4 artillery. (I guess)

Anybody find this system good/bad/ridiculus.
Anybody have a suggestion for the elite infantry.
Any other comments/observations.



Infantry\Cavalry\Canons Combat mechanics

Thats sounds pretty good. I know you are trying to keep it simple but eagle game's Napoleon in Europe is a great game with a fun battle system.

Also check out my battle system please and tell me what you think.

The combat is for a Feudal Japanese game. The Idea is to reward combined arms (Different kinds of warriors). The three types of warriors each have a unique ability and are as follows:

Peasant Spearman- Their ability is that they do not have to be supported by rice patties
Samurai Swordsman - Roll 2 dice in combat
Samurai archers - They role first each round and remove casualties before the round.

So anyway here is how combat works. When I mention dice I am using D6. Each unit in combat gets 1 dice except for the swordsman, who get 2.

For 1 type of unit, you must roll a 1 or less to get a "hit" (If you have 20 spearman you get 20 dice and each 1 you roll you score a hit.)

For 2 types of unit you must roll a 2 or less (If you a samurai and a spearman in battle you roll 3 dice [remember swordsman get 2 dice] any roll of 2 or less is a a hit.

For 3 types of army units you must roll a 3 or less. (Example: you have 1 archer 1 swordsman and 2 spearman. First you roll 1 dice for the archer, on a 3 or more you hit and the casualty is immediately removed. Next, your swordsman and 2 spearman roll 3 dice and any 3 or less' is a hit.

Combat is considered simultaneous .

Joined: 12/31/1969
Infantry\Cavalry\Canons Combat mechanics

Thanks galeninjapan.

Let me point out the difference between your system and my idea.

In your system, all the fighter are infantry. Of archer isn't really infantry but I'm talking of a single man.

I have a mixed of unit type.

Your scale is smaller than mine. A figures is probably a small squad. One of my unit is worth many hundreds of man.

In my idea, the artillery provide a supporting role and not have any attack dice of its own. That mean that if you only have artillery, you won't roll a single dice for the chance of success.

You fight one player against the other.
In my idea the opponent is define by a card. You're playing against the board and not against other player.

That is why I have to carefully choose my combat system. I considered what I propose as representative of these difference as possible.

galeninjapan, I carefully read what you wrote as your combat system, but find it unaplicable to my application.

Thanks for the help.


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