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information on "gungi"

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While reading a manga (japanese comic book) named Hunter X Hunter, one of the main characters is learning a board game called Gungi as a sidestory. they don't list the actual rules of the game but most of it can be deduced from reading it over and over again. Judging from the rules I've figured out, I was wondering if anyone knew of a real game that is similar to this.

Known Rules:

-the object is to capture the king.
-played on a single color 9x9 board.
-the board starts blank and players take turns placing their pieces however they see fit within the first 3 rows on their side of the board.
-after all the pieces are placed player's take turns moving one piece.
-pieces can be stacked up to 3 on a square.
-pieces have stats including defense, attack and attack range.
-each player has 24 pieces total.

the last 2 rules I cannot confirm. I counted 24 pieces on each side of of the board during the initial setup, so I'm assuming that is the correct number.

I would think that the pieces have defense, attack, and range stats, unless there is a reason for stacking them that I cannot see. in the book, the character says "A strategy of mounting an archer on a ground piece to serve as the point of attack and defense. It is a classic tactic of high archer positioning. It's simple and effective." which leads me to believe he is refering to the defense stat of the ground unit and the attack range of the archer.

Any help in identifying this game would be greatly appreciated.

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information on "gungi"

I think your talking about Gunjin Shogi, translates to
Military Person Chess.
It's an old game that became popular post WWI and WWII.
BUT your description of the game sounds TOTALLY different.
so I did a quick search on Yahoo Japan, and
couldn't find anything. The way you spelled it can mean
Military Meeting, and I only found 1 game pertaining to that subject
and it was a video game with classic Historical Chinese Warriors.

as far as Gunjin Shogi
I play it all the time at:

think Stratego.
The original game unlike Stratego required a 3rd player to be referee.
So it kind of died out in popularity but you can still find it in retro
places in Japan.

I visited a while back and saw it being sold at a hotel,
and since I'm a Chess fan, and it was advertized as Chess like, I was
fascinated and while I didn't buy it I remembered it and when I
returned to back to the US, I got online and researched the
mother out of it.

I even looked up Hunter x Hunter episodes 1~21 I don't watch the
anime, and know nothing about it, but all I saw was some kids
training on an island going through challenges which are games:
saw card game, dodge ball, and tag, and something about a

information on "gungi"

Gunjin looks interesting, but it wasnt what I was looking for. as for Hunter X Hunter, the game is only in manga chapters 244 to 247 that can be downloaded here: its alot farther than the anime is.

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information on "gungi"

will not let me download bro.

could it be a game the author made up for the purpose of the

information on "gungi"

yeah, the more I look, the less likely it seems to be a real game. A bit sad since its a really interesting concept. Maybe i'll work on making a real version of it.

I put up some links for the chapters. click the free button at the bottom and the download link appears after a small timer.

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information on "gungi"

thanx for the files. very interesting.

there is no form of shogi (Japanese Chess like that)
It is not Chinese Chess either.

I'm 100% sure the game is made up, not sure if it
really exists and played by a few or not. (I doubt it)

I've only read the 1st 2 chapters so far.
said the game is originated in east goruto. <--fictional place
the pieces mentioned so far
Shinobi (ninja, made up piece)
Hyo (soldier from Chinese Chess)
Toride/Fortress (Castle from Chess)
Tsu Tsu (Cannon from Chinese Chess)

The names used are Feudal (Medieval) Japanese.
Just think Seven Samurai.
The board is totally Shogi style.
I saw small tables to the side to suggest they play with
"drops" just like Shogi.
The circular pieces and single Kanji symbol on the pieces,
are from Chinese Chess.
The "tsuke" attachment moves almost sound like Checkers.
I don't know enough about Checkers to say anything.

my conclusion is that it is a made up amalgamation of
Shogi (including the several variations, chu, dai, tai)
Chinese Chess
and perhaps Checkers.
but some how the way he talks about certain sides of the board
being taken over is a GO way of thinking.

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