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Judgement, game idea

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Edit: Rewrote with less details.


A game about creation of religions.

Each player assumes the role of a new and 'up n coming' fictional religion, and by continually adding different Dogmas to their religions gains appeal to lost souls who gets converted into followers spreading through the world.

By the help of the followers the players can fulfill that religions prophesies. When a player has fulfilled three prophesies, proving that his/hers religion was the truth, that player wins.

At the beginning of the game all players get three Prophesy cards each, kept hidden from the other players. The prophesy cards contain information what is needed to fulfill that prophesy like say; having more then 30 followers in Europe(or a made up country/region). When a prophesy has its requirements filled it may be played. When a player plays it’s third prophesy card the game ends and that player becomes the winner.

In front of each player are the Dogma tiles placed for that players religion, the played dogma tiles affects what kind of Lost Souls that religion attracts, which helps you get more followers of that kind during follower drafting, to place on the common map board.

The Dogma Tiles may also have other benefits for the player, usually in the form of lessening restrictions such as the allowed number of Lost Souls cards in hand and such.

You draft followers by 'cashing in' sets of Lost Soul cards.

The game components consists of:
A world map board.
Follower tokens in different colors. (one color for each player)
Lost souls, deck of cards.
Dogmas, stack of tiles
Prophesies, deck of cards.

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Judgement, game idea


I have not read the rules in detail but I have to say that first the game theme look cool and funny.

I suggest that you do not use real world religion, neither real world map. Create a fantasy map and distribute god you have made yourself.

You could make each player have a set of 3 profecies which are hidden to other player. In this case, the other player do not know what the player must do to succeed the game.

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Judgement, game idea

I realize my description is poorly written, I'm sorry.

Yes it would not be any real religons, especially since you build what your religion is about during the game with the Dogma cards.

In the prototype we use a real world map but you might be right, a fantasy map would be better.

All cards you have in your hand, Lost Souls/Dogma and Prophesy cards, are hidden from the other players until they are used/played.

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