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The Last Minute Rush (or, making a game in less than 4 days)

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I am going on a trip to visit relatives for Thanksgiving. They are a very fun group to hang out with, and they like party games. They can be competitive, but not "loud" competitive (if you get what I mean). Basically they enjoy a good laugh, but they don't ever get very loud.

I am thinking of putting together a word game a la "Man Bites Dog" and "Apples to Apples". The main goal would be to form headlines using any of your cards from your hand, but with some rules fixes to make it more interesting.

For example: there will be a noun deck, a verb deck, and an "other element" deck, which could consist of any of various things. Each player will begin the game by being dealt 3 nouns, 2 verbs, and an other element. Using the mechanic from A to A, the dealer will begin as judge, and each player must make a funny headline by using the cards in their hands. They will write their headline down so that you can't tell who's is whose based on how many cards are submitted. The judge picks the best one, and everyone has to throw away the cards they used that round. The person who is voted best gets a point. From then on players get to choose which types of cards they want (if I used 3 cards I could draw 2 more nouns and a verb, 3 verbs, etc...)

Play would continue until everyone is judge twice or something.

Does this sound like a good idea? I have begun to slam a huge list of nouns and verbs together, but I can't decide whether to have adjectives or something else in the third pile.


The Last Minute Rush (or, making a game in less than 4 days)

For an example, I thought the third deck could be random phrases. One such headline I made was:

Farmer Goes Insane, Chicken Watches

Yes, I know I'm super hilarious =(

But you get the idea.
Farmer is a noun card
Goes Insane is a random phrase card
Chicken is another noun card
Watches is a verb card

sounds like a game that's been made...

But I can't think of the title. A search on the board game geek under words and/or party games might find it.

From what I remember you get cards with nouns, verbs etc. and have to put them together into jokes... Might be called "Why did the chicken..."

Sorry that isn't that helpful on a 4 day deadline of making your own version, but if those rules are listed it might give a sense of what has been done already.

The Last Minute Rush (or, making a game in less than 4 days)

Thanks, not a big deal I am bringing Apples to Apples instead of making my own game. Also bringing Pit, Bleeding Sherwood (because it's free), and some others. See you guys in a week or so!

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