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Legacy: The Legend didn't End there

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Alright guys, without a doubt my posts are the most disputed. Some of you think my views on constructive criticism is bad, and some think that I'm already done with my game, I just don't know it yet. Due to the sheer complexity of it all, I feel I should explain in detail.

The Game is based off of a complex system of players working with each other and/or betraying each other. You start out...number of players, obviously. The number of players are 1 Gamemaster and as many other players as you wish. That is one of the better aspects of the game. There are four dice. One dice is an attack/defense dice, one is a damage dice, and the other is a custom ability dice to your character, and the final is the movement dice. (The functions will be explained in the dice portion)

The layout is dictated by the Gamemaster. The bored is a 15x15 magnet. There are a wide assortment of colored magnetic tiles. Such as blue for water, brown for dirt, dark brown for mud, green for grass, etc. There are a wide assortment of 3D land pieces, such as trees, hills, fences, etc. The layout can range from a grass land, to a creek, to a large lake with a bridge, to a castle, to a keep...anything is possible as long as you have a creative gamemaster.

This part seems to be a big problem with people due to a gigantic misunderstanding. Everyone seems to think you have to have hundreds of characters to play the game. When you grow a level you do not change characters. You keep track on an exp. counter and document it in your journal. Armor and weapons that attach to the pieces may raise you levels as well as attack and defense, energy, etc. There are, however, hundreds of different pieces. You do not need that many to play with, but I've found that not everyone loves just Elves, Dwarves, Human, or Orcs. So I've got Golems, Wizard, just massive amounts of different creatures, arch angels...just tons. The weapons and armor are twice as much in quantity as the cretures. The weapons fit into the character's hand and the armors are universal fits to all creatures.

Attack/Defense dice- Roll when engaged in a battle with the Gamemaster's minion(s). The gamemaster rolls first. It's his number pited against yours. The attack being his number and the defense being your number. So if he rolls a 27 as an attack and you roll a 36 no damage is done to you.

Damage dice- If your defense is lower than the gamemaster's minion's, he rolls his damage dice. (10-20) The number he rolls will be subtracted from your life. Your damage dice however is used differently. If your attack is higher than the minion's defense you roll a damage counter. The minion is dead and the number you roll on your damage dice you will add to your expirience.

Ability Dice- At any time you may substitute your movement roll with an ability roll. If you do so, you may log your ability for later use. For example, instead of moving you are a clay golem and you roll his ability dice. You get the ability, "burrow." You don't need burrow for any reason. The ability sheet says that burrow allows you to remove yourself for one turn of the game, leaving all battles. You are not in battles nor need burrow. You log it on your ability sheet and use it later.

Movement dice- You roll this at the beginning of every turn if you choose not to roll the ability dice. This is a simple 6 sided dice. The number you roll is the number of blocks you move.

The Gamemaster
The Gamemaster (unlike other Gamemasters) does not have full dictoral powers. He only has powers over the surrounding. He designates himself a number of minions at the beginning of a scenario. If the minions die, he can not revive them. He creates the entire scenario and journey at which you live in. He can bring you through a hundred stages of his choice, all the while, lying down armor, weapons, for you and of course, minions for him. He is aloud to challenge your mind with riddles, i.e. to cross a bridge you must solve a riddle. The Gamemaster only works if you have an extremely creative gamemaster. He is not allowed to shape the land when the journey on that stage has already started. He can not change the quest he set down for you when the scenario started. He will bring you through as many stages as he wants, until finally he decides it is time to see if you can accomplish your quest. He brings you to a final level where you must face off with him directly. He must choose a character. His character is then on the same level as the number of stages he took you through, i.e. you did 22 stages, his character is on level 22. You then have a face-off and if you should beat him, then he can take you through one final level to get what you've quested for if he so chooses, unless your quest is to kill the Gamemaster. When the scenario is over, switch gamemaster's and begin again.

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Legacy: The Legend didn't End there

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