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LilMizUyu needs some help!

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Hello there ppl.
I'm making a soccer like game where the board is the field, with two goals at the end. And then the player has a bench (where they train new players and bring cards into play). And as I was making the game i made players and how to make them advanced or pros, a goalie person and how he plays in the game, how to defend or approach a goal, and a whole bunch of other stuff.

:?: I need some advice: Should I make it a 3 to 4 player game by making the field a square and sticking a goal at every end? Or should it be just a two-player game?
:?: My big problem is that while I was making this game, I forgot to incorporate a ball. And soccer games usually have a ball. So should i just keep going in my game plans and not have a ball? Or should I change things and put a ball in there?

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LilMizUyu needs some help!

My suggestions:

Makie it a game that can be played with 2 or 4 players. When you play with 4 you use two 2-player teams. Each player on a team controls half of the players (during play) and -- here's the fun part -- add a rule where they can't talk to each other while making moves. I'm not sure how the game is structured, but ideally all 4 players would be taking their turns moving guys on the field for several turns without talking. The idea is that the partners have to work as teams without being able to "radio" ideas and instructions to each other, just like real soccer. I think it could be a hoot! (The rule could just be that they can't talk about how and where to move the guys, snce that's the key bit.)

Otherwise I'd stick with a two-player game, personally.

I don't know the mechanics of your game well enough to have a sense of whether you need a ball or not. It sure seems like a ball would be important if you're actually having the guys move around on the field (rather than using some kind of statistics to determine the result of plays), but I can't tell without knowing more about your game.

Have you seen the game StreetSoccer? It's an excellent little two-player soccer game that uses a "ball". It sounds like your game is considerably more complex, so it's likely that it appeals to a different crowd, but I thought I'd point it out, anyway.

Best of luck!

-- Matthew

LilMizUyu needs some help!

A soccer game sounds interesting. Since this game is in line with one I've been working on for American Football, I have some suggestions that might benefit you.

First - Fastlerner is right - try to make it a 2 or 4 person game. 2 person standard, with 4 person optional rules. His suggestion of having 2-player teams and not talking is a great idea. We are working on similar optional rules for our football game (1 player offensive, the other defense and neither can talk to each other or trade game cards).

Don't make it a 4 player game with 4 goals - I think that would defeat the purpose of a soccer style game.

As to the use of a ball - I say yes, you need one. Without knowing how points are scored (are the players 'skilled', are their dice rolls or cards drawn for success factors in the game, do players draw cards to determine plays and outcomes?) it is hard to say how important the ball is, but I think you should try to incorporate one.

If you can give us some better ideas of the game mechanics then we should be able to help you determine of the ball is necessary or not.

My two pence.
- Geoff

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