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Little card game

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ok this has a little experiment that we like to play on the beach. it worked well.

Eternal Battles

This is a small card game, with 40 cards
For 2+ players

This game objective is to have more points.

There is 3 phase s in this game

And Play.

In the draw phase a person draws cards, it must have 4 cards until the deck start to run out.

In the spell phase the player uses is spells

In the play phase the player plays a card.

How to play...

All players draw four cards. And chose the first to go.

Next this player will play a spell or pass to the next player, this should be done until the first player has the turn again.

After the spell phase the first player plays a card, follow by all other player.

After that the players check the result and the winner of the battle takes all the bodies

The card with more value is winner.

in case of two or more cards with same value we use this rule:

Elves win to Humans and lose with Orcs.
Humans win to Orcs and lose with Elves.
Orcs win to Elves and lose with Humans.

If eventually there is a situation of a tie, the tied player who played first win.

Only bodies are put in the winner's graveyard and the spells are put in a discard place

Some especial cards can be play in battle, the player should play them as a normal card and only check the effects in the end of all players putted their cards. Then go to the discard pile.

In the end the end the players will count the value of the cards in the graveyard. And the player with more points win. If there is a tie, wins the tied player who has less cards in is graveyard.

Elf's Army

1 elf
2 elves
3 elves
4 elves
5 elves

8 Baron
9 Prince
10 King

Orc's Army

1 Orc
2 Orcs
3 Orcs
4 Orcs
5 Orcs

8 Baron
9 Prince
10 King

Human's Army

1 Human
2 Humans
3 Humans
4 Humans
5 Humans

8 Baron
9 Prince
10 King

Other cards

Redraw - all players redraw they cards. Use before a battle. Draw a card.

Spy - see one players hand. Use before a battle. Draw a card.

Fog of war - all cards go to the respective owners graveyard. Use in battle.

Battle lust - in this battle the orcs power+ 1. Use before a battle. Draw a card.

Victorious song - in this battle the Humans power+ 1. Use before a battle. Draw a card.

Forest Power - in this battle the Elves power+ 1. Use before a battle. Draw a card.

Revive - go to any player graveyard and pick one card, them put it in play under your control. Use in battle.

Cannon - win this battle. Use in battle.

Freenzy - Change one random card with a player. Use before a battle. Draw a card.

Joined: 12/31/1969
Little card game

here are the cards link

the shortcut wont work, because angelfire politics, of linking.

simply open a new page, copy this link and past it there.

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