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Little Paper Men Basic War Game

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Someone asked me what I was working on, so I thought I'd put down the basic idea here.

The basic idea of the game is a sort of tactical war game for 3-8 players.
An ephisis for this project is making it simple to learn and cheap to produce and thus purchise. Also what makes this different from others is that though the players have to work together (There's no way for a sinlge player to beat any, or at least many of the monsters alone, so to earn points you NEED your allys.) you're also comppeting for the most points.

Each player creates a charecter, or grabs a pre-made charecter avalible in the rules. Each charecter has a set of attributes:
HP - Health the unit has
Fight - Fight comes in two attributes, defencive and attack. They descide
how well you are at fighting with melee weapons.
AP - At tackn power
DF - Damage Reduciton
Speed - How far the unit moves, and how soon in inititive
Save - How Hard you are to hit with ranged weapons. Max is 20.
Accurcy - Your ranged weapon accurcy, rolling a D20. (1 Accurcy =5%)
Max is 20.
Range - The range of where you can attack (Both nearest and furthest)
SkP - Skill points for using special skills

Instead of wandering around amlessly, the playes go through a series of battles that branch out from each other in between (kind of like in starfox 64). So It doesn't have much of the "role playing" elements of RPGs, like convincing townsfolk or any of the feats like tumbling or jumping.

Playing against the players is the game master, who controls all of the mosnters and ofcourse designs the campaigns.

Before the game begins, each player is delt three role cards. Each role has a different goal like "End batlte unharmed" or "Kill unhurt enemy". Each role gives you a different number of VP, depending on how often or hard it is to do that goal. Even the Game master can earn points, and at the end, the player (or game master) who has the most points wins.

When you kill monsters you get money which can either buy items, weapons and armor or improve your unit. You can also improve your weapons this way. Each monster drops 1G for each level it is, and 100G is equal to a level.
Each attrribute levle costs different number of levels:
Fight -3 Levesl (300G) for +1 Defence Fight or +1 Attack Fight.
HP -1 Level (100G) for +2 MaxhP
AP - 1 level (100G) for +1 AP
DF - 1 Level (100G) for +1 DF
Speed - 1 Level (100G) for +1 Speed
Range -3 Levels (300G) for +1 Max Range (For weapons only)
Accurcy- 2 Levels (200G) for +1 Accurcy
Save - 2 Levels (200G) for +1 Save
SkP - 1 Level (100G) for +2 SkP

Skill points work like any other magic system where you spend the magic to use the skills, though you have to purchise them by spending levels. Skills with a "#" by it's name can be improved or bought as a better version by spending more levels on that skill.

Some of the skills:
Name: Fire# Levels: 1 SkP: 1. Do 4 damage to a unit. 2 Range.
Name: Lightning# Levels: 1 SkP: 1. Do 2 damge to all units ajacent to target. 2 Range

( actually have quite a large list of skills. )

Combat is played on a suqare grid, and can have different kinds of terrain that effects movement speed and abillity to use missle weapons.

Melee combat is descided by rolling two fidge dice (fudge dice are six-sided dice with two "-"'s, "two "="'s and two "+"'s. ) The total is added to the attacking charecter's attack fightl. If it is equal or greater than the defending unit's dfence fight, the attack hits.

Missle combat is descided by rolling a D20. If the roll is equal ore less than the attacking unit's accurcy minus the defending unit's save, the attack hits.

Damage is simply attack power - defence power, except for skills. Please let me know of any thoughts or questions you have. This is onlly a very basic overview of the game


All these rules are (C)2005 White Knight Games

Little Paper Men Basic War Game

83 veiws and no one has anything to say? comments? Suggestions?

I've been meaning to put out the real rules, which might be more helpful, but keep forgetting.

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Little Paper Men Basic War Game

Well, this seems more like a rudementary role playing game than anything else, so it's difficult to judge the quality of play through the rules alone. That's probably why people haven't commented more. It doesn't seem like you've got particular problems or challenges to work out, so I'd interperet the silence as a vote of confidence and keep going with the project!

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