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Map/Image needed

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I need a good sized image of a fake area of land, to use on my game board. It needs to represent an area including a large town/city, outer city area, suburbs, countryside and possible seaside as well, but not as big as a whole country. It will be overlayed by lines dividing it up into small regions (I would say counties, but that is an English thing I think and I forget most people here are in the USA!).

Googling images for "Map" or "land mass" etc return thousands of rubbish images, so I'm hoping someone here can recommend somewhere that has these images, or maybe even a bit of software that generates basic random terrain.

It doesn't need to be too detailed by the way, but signs of modern civilization like railways etc would be a big bonus.

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Map/Image needed

Something like this?

It needs some color adjustment to look nice, though.

Look for "aerial photograph" or something similar at and you'll probably find something that suits your needs, at least as a base for your board. Those will be copyrighted images, usually, but might work for the first drafts.


Map/Image needed

That's pretty close to what I want, thanks!

I found a game on BGG called Newtown, which has gridded areas with values for each are. This is what I want to put over the image, which I can do as I just need to do a grid with transparent background in Paintshop and then find a good image.

Now all I have to do is decide on the rules.... :lol:

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