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Mechanics for sports-type games?

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I'm messing with a mechanic for a futuristic sport game, not unlike Speedball, with some variations. Each piece has his own statline, with things like speed, passing, shooting, attack, evade, things like that. I've initially given them a range of 2-20, with an average of 11 for the average stat number. I went into it thinking of going with 2d10 as the base dice roll, with a score needing to equal or be under the stat being used, also considering modifiers. As an example, a piece with a PASS of 13 would need to roll under 14 to complete any pass with no modifiers(I'm also experimenting with an arm strength stat to determine how far they can pass/shoot- any lengths over that stat and they incur penalties to their roll). I thought that might make it easy to determine for players.

Now, I went into this thinking d10 because of the variation. I wasn't sure d6 would meet my needs. However, if I went with multiple dice, that might solve that, and d6 ARE easier to come across. I'm also unsure if I should go with the incremental dice, or the 'best roll' of multiple dice. This would mean changing stat lines and almost starting from scratch, but I don't want the mechanic to seem clumsy.

Any suggestions?

EDIT: I'm also curious what you guys thought about the boardtype. I was considering hex, but most sport-type games use grids. I've also considered inch movement, with no grids/hexes.

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