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Medieval Warfare

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hi, a couple of friends and i are making a board game similar to axies and allies. Our game incorporates a lot of stratey (trade routes, economies, spies, the ratings of generals, etc..) if you all don't mind you may check

i have alot of information on the about page, and some pics of our map and units on the images page. This is the 3rd war board game we have made and just curious who else has made some similar war board games..


I have added a lot of images now, included the world map and the battle maps. IF you do look, tell me what you think of them. The battle map is metal and all teh peices are magnetic so it works well. The about page is now fixed and reorganized.

thx brandon

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Medieval Warfare

It would be nice if you had at least an overview of the rules to read.

Medieval Warfare

I updated the about page with a general over view, i will add more detail shortly. If you read the about page you can get an overview of teh game, i am sorry, we will add more info soon on it soon. the site is updated every monday, and we play mock battles every sunday and soon we will play the entire game (mock) to work out any kinks, after that i will post some of the rules up so you can see them, but until then they may chance >.<

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