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Modified Family Feud idea...need your feed back

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Based on the information I read on this site, I modified an idea for a Trivia Board game. I like Famliy Fued but with a twist.

Because of budget restrictions (you guys know how that is), I can only print 110 card (2 decks) which gives my game 440 questions (4 quesiton on each card) and I will have a sand timer (30 seconds).

My game is Religious Trivia based game and the questions are not necessarily put into any catagories. If needed, I can split the questions into four different catagories but that involves a lot of work.

I scanned through some of the previous posts on Trivia Based game ideas and I really like the Family Fued Style (Answer/Pass/ Steal).

How can I modify my game into a something similar to the "family fued mechanics" without using catagories? (if you have suggestions, please let me know)

The idea that I had was like this. A moderator reads the question. First person from either team to responds get a chance to answer the question. If they get it right, they can try to answer the rest of the cards questions (just like the topics in Family Fued) or they can pass it on to the other team.....(the rest being like family fued)

Correct questions are worth 10 points each. First team that gets to 90 points stops the normal round and then the games goes into the Challenge
round. Teams will trade in all their points for seconds in the challenge round. Each team will get 10 seconds in the Challenge round for each 10 points they got in the normal round. Therefore if team A got 60 points and team B got 90 points, Team A will have 60 seconds to answer as many questions as possible while Team B will have 90 seconds to answer as many quesionts possible. The team who answer the most questions...wins.

What do you guys think?

Modified Family Feud idea...need your feed back

The first thing that comes to my mind would be to have the questions on each card follow the same category, and each question become progressively harder. You could even separate yourself from the standard FF format by having 3 or 4 cards showing (with only their categories visible) and then let the leader choose the category. Then a representative from each team could race to answer the first (easiest) question for that card. The winner's team could then decide to keep playing or let the other team attempt to answer the remaining questions on the card.

You could even go back and forth to each team on the same card. If one team stalls on question 2, it would go to the other team. If they get it right but stall on question 3, it goes back to the first team. Whoever answers the last question correctly wins the points that have been banked for that card.

I know that would mean a lot of extra work on your part, but it would give a nice "rising tension" feel each round of play. That rising tension could compensate for the relatively few cards (more tension could make for a more enjoyable game with fewer questions).

Modified Family Feud idea...need your feed back

Wow that sounds cool. I really like your varient.

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