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Mods as a starting point

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Hi Everyone,
I literally discovered the site just today and fell in love with it right away. I am a college student who is a week away from finals and will have 4 months of free time ahead of me. The main way I plan to fill it is through game design ( primitive though my noobie efforts may be. :wink:)

Right now I have 1 small project ready for a first playtest (an expansion of Star Wars: Epic Duels; I readily admit to being a geek :lol: ), and three projects that are just getting off the ground design-wise. How do you guys feel about starting out with expansions for games just to get the hang of balancing gameplay elements? it makes playtesting very easy and is a smaller project on the whole. To be sure, eventually I want to design entire games, but do you think this is a good way to get my feet wet? Thank You

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Mods as a starting point

I suspect that a lot of people get the "design bug" by taking an existing game and playing with it - retheming it, expanding it or experimenting with house rules so much that it becomes a different game! And then feeling much more confident about doing something entirely of their own.
IOW it doesn't surprise me at all that you should be no different :-)

And yeah, I'd agree with the assessment that it makes playtesting easier to handle when you know that the original works; figuring out what the problem is with something that you've done from scratch is somewhat more taxing!

Mods as a starting point

Hey man I thinks it is a cool idea
I really like to hear your idea for the mod because I have
star wars: epic duels
So when you get a chance can you post it?


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Mods as a starting point

Hi, and welcome. Like most here, I think most people get the design addiction by first seeing the possabilites that exist in games they already know and like. Plus, since the system itself is already there, you've got a great testbed for tweaks, where you can learn what different mechanics do to a game. I say full speed ahead!

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