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My Hexagon Grid Strategy Fighting Game

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First of all I want to introduce myself. My name is Jack and I'm from Norwich. I'm only 17 years old and I make games for me and my friends to play so I am not looking to please a worldwide audience or get a publisher or anything like that.

My game at the minute has a big hexagon grid, I think 28 x 23. With a castle in each corner and on in the middle. There's a river running through the middle of the board.

You start the game with an army with about 15 pieces, about 8 different kinds of troops like Archers, Knights, Axemen and so on. You basically have to charge into war and fight, each unit has it's own stats which determine what you need to get in the dice rolls to kill the other pieces.

Currently, the aim of the game is to kill everyone elses King pieces and be the last King standing. But I feel the game is a bit too simple (Although simplicity is needed because me and my friends are heavy stoners, hehe).

I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas or thoughts about an extra 'element' i could add to the game. Or even a different way to determine the winner.

Thanks for any input, really apprechiated. This is the first game I've made from scratch (ie. that isn't a remake). so I thought you guys could help lil' old me.

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Edit 2: I see there's a 20 character limit, nevermind.

My Hexagon Grid Strategy Fighting Game

As a wargame, you have a few choices as to how to expand your game. Add more breadth to the game (simpler rules governing more types of pieces), or add more depth (fewer pieces with rules creating more realistic simulation). Or you could add in both directions to a lesser degree.

For extra breadth, add various war machines that can be moved around the field of combat. Other players can take these machines from the armies they defeat, etc.

For added depth, you could add more realistic simulation to the pieces you already have. Range, weapon fire rate, ground cover, etc. can all add more to your basic framework without adding other pieces. If you wanted to add more realism to the war machines, you could have them take damage just like an army unit, and become less usable and eventually useless.

Welcome and best of luck to you!

My Hexagon Grid Strategy Fighting Game

Thanks for taking the time to reply. And your post has help me realise the limitations of said genre of games.

I already have expanded my depth to certain degree. For instance each team gets a Giant Eagle Rider piece which can only be attacked by Archers or other Eagle Riders unless it swoops in to attack ground troops then it may be attacked for 1 round of goes (Until it's your turn again). I was proud of this development if you don't mind me gloating :o

Each unit has a series of stats, they are:

Move (How far it can move per turn).
Move/Attack (How far it can and still attack per turn) - This is, in most cases 2/3 of their move distance.
No. of attacks (How many times it can attack) - Most of these are 2.
Range (Range of it's attack). - Most of these are just 1 except Archers and Catapults.
Power and Defence - These decide what dice roll is needed to successfully hit.
And Lives (How many times it can be hit before it's death) - These are mostly 2/3.

There are also some added stats you get when in castles, like Archers get +1 power for instance. And also a few forest squares which pieces inside cannot be attacked by Archers in.

That's basically the whole game as it stands, I've been tweaking the stat figures alot to perfect balance and the forests were only added recently.

I like that idea of the breaking down of vehicals and them taking stat losses because of it, I could maybe use something like that for the catapults, cheers for that.

I started to develop a kind of Victory Points system to determine the winner. For each wound inflicted on an enemies king you get a point and so on. Being the last king standing would still matter because the game would end when all but 1 King's are killed so therefore you are giving less points to opponents. It also means people can't just sit back and defend their King's, because they are out to get points.
Do you think a system like this could be balanced and put to use well in this kind of game?

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