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My space strategy game

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Hello, I hope youre well.

My name is Andre Xavier, Im from Brazil. I have been thinking about this game since January,27,1997 and FINALLY, AT LAST!!! Im nearing to be able to make it happen! At that time I wasnt ready to do it, I didnt knew much about game creation and didnt have access to a computer or people able or willing to help. I wish to share my ideas so you people who not only love games, but makes them too, could fairly judge it if its interesting or viable.

-Actually, it IS interesting AND viable! ;)

The game takes some elements from Master of Orion I & II and SUPREMACY & MEGA SUPREMACY. You have one hexagonal board, numbered, so that you can ramdomly place star pieces. Stars generate resources acumulated by each player with one alien race. Than you expand by sending starships to other systems and building colonies. You too negotiate with one common market and bank and follow a game sequence, like supremacy, of tributation, production, commerce, conflict, movement, construction and research. With new tecnologies (cards) comes new possibilities. The game too uses sceneries, so it can be plaied not only as a crush your oponnets style.

Actually, I have been working on putting one very different thing I never saw in startegy games, that war and conflict isnt the only way to achieve victory. i want it to allow economic and diplomatic victory too.

I have worked on many designs for the board, the pieces, paper money, control sheets and have HARDLY worked to make it fast-paced, easy to learn and play and good-looking and interesting.

I never thought it would demand so many hours, so many write ups, so many rewriting, so many questions without answers, so many headaches (trully, fisical thing) even some nights without sleep... I thought it were going too far and gave it some time to rest. Recently I got it back to work and simplyfied it even more. I dont know if it will sell, Im making it more as a personal objective than anything else. I wish to finish it, its a long waited dream.

Still, one friend thinks it needs dice to solve conflict and I was thinking if dice rolling would only slow it more. What about the system of Diplomacy, were you dont use dices? What if I throw in modifiers, like high tech or special races

My space strategy game

To me, it sounds as if you

My space strategy game

Hey, way thanks for the support! By the things you wrote it seems you have some time at game designing, right? Smart boy!

By the way, one of the first things I settled before starting my project are the premisses! If something fall out of them or are against them I have to discard it until it becomes valid or simply keep it out... For my space strategy game its premisses are:

1 - To produce anything is expensive! Use what you have now EFFICIENTLY!
2 - Dont destroy your forces without a VERY GOOD REASON! -selfdestruct
3 - Resources are always FEWS
4 - Who waits dont reach, GETS REACHED!!!
5 - War IS NOT the only way in your path to victory.

By now I have completely remodeled the board, creating two ways to distribute the starsystems, one more random so it can increase the difficulty to reach nearby starsystems and other that makes the game plain fair for all. I think the two methods are so discrette but I couldnt avoyd using both. The first numbers all hexes, some with one number, some with three, this way there is a greater chance that the starsystems will be distributed equally distant from each other. The other split the board in colored areas from 0 to 9, so if more than one starsystem is placed inside the same colored area, they will be very near, making it relatively faster to reach and colonize.

After that remake, one or two premisses may need to be revised. After settling the premises I define the skeleton of the project with the main ideas then I keep filling the skeleton and goes testing the new add-ons meanwhile. I would love to share my ideas if I hadnt fear of them getting used without my permission. I plan to edit this game and sell it here, on Brazil. By the way, here theres only one board gaming company thats trully a game seller, the GROW group. I may well begin to be his first concorrent!!! Hahaha, how daring of myself!

Anyway, I would like to suggest that us all make some kind of -The Forum

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