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a new dice game

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I know some of you guys do NOT like dice games esp.
after the major one, Dragon Dice flopped.


please imagine if you will
basically a giant cube, about the size of a rubick's cube.
soft vinyl coated with slots to put cards into each side.
in other words this cube can take up to 6 cards.

without the cards it reveals it's skeleton so to speak.
with the cards, you can create your own battle-character.
so it is a simple dice game that combines ccg.

red cards = types of offense
green = defense
blue = shield
yellow = counter
white = health aid
black = redirect
gold = wild
prizim = destroy one of their cards

the pictures on the cards itself can be anything from
-flaming Harley Davidson attack
-summon demonic zombie attack
-ice castle sculpture defensive wall
-cosmic planetary alignment (make them loose a turn)
-horde of mini fuzzballs with razor sharp teeth with cute puppy eyes.


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a new dice game

The concept of a giant custom dice is cool, but I don't know if I would play it. The reason being is that it is too easy to skew the results the larger the die is (roll with such a manner that the face you want shows up).

That, and I think your picture theme is a little too random for me. Pick a genre.

Some ideas to consider:
* Cards "link" together... some (all?) cards are useful only if they point (there would be an arrow on each card) to an adjacent face of the appropriate color. Could rely on opposites, too.
* A face that if it comes up allows you to replace a lost card. Hope you don't lose it :)
* Perhaps stacking cards together on one face (three cards to a side, perhaps), and if a card is destroyed, you move to the next card down.

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a new dice game

With dice this big I think that you could make it work with more than one side coming into play. So that you would have incentive to diversify what is on your die. If say the "top" and "front" of the die are in play. you don't want all offense, or all defense.

Or this could be a good place to make a choice. When you roll the die, the top face is something that must be played. but you can rotate the die anyway you like, to get the secondary effect.

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a new dice game

A possibly easier (and probably cheaper) way to have the die be smaller is to have a small "board" or mat with 6 card-shaped spaces on it, each with a number on it. The player would play a card in each space, and then roll a normal die. The card of the number corresponding to that roll could be played, or something. Of course, do what you want. I'm just thinking of ways to make the die smaller, because it seems that Julius has a valid point.

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a new dice game

wow very interesting comments, thank you!

1. I know you can have dice and the cards seperate, but
we are talking about the feel of the game. And the kid inside me is
saying, it's just fun to roll dice isn't it?

2. more than 1 side come into play... interesting,
arrows?? interesting!
how about some of the cards have an arrow on them so you can
choose to use that card if it rolls face up, or the card to the side
the arrow is pointing to.

3. theme? hmmmmmm how about Barbarian like Conan,
Beast Master, & Xena.

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a new dice game

You might check out Diceland -- -- to see how your ideas differ from what they did. The inserting cards is definitely different, but the suggestions for turning the dice and such have some similarities.

-- Matthew

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a new dice game

I know there is a manufaturer of dice which has faces that you can 'click' into them, but I can't find the link immediately...

The dice are regular-sized dice, but a larger die could allow for several faces to click into one side next to eachother.

[Hey this is a great idea...]
The parts/faces of the dice could then be distributed by putting one in every bag of crisps of your very own game-crisp-brand...
[/Hey this is a great idea...]

Serious now:

Gorgoo wrote:
A possibly easier (and probably cheaper) way to have the die be smaller is to have a small "board" or mat with 6 card-shaped spaces on it, each with a number on it. The player would play a card in each space, and then roll a normal die.
Let's say that each collectable card has two main properties that identify the card:
1] a value (1 to 10 depending on the 'power/ability' of the card).
2] a symbol (1 of 6 symbols that are also on a die).
- On the board, you have room for six stacks/rows of cards. The total value of each stack/row may not exceed a certain number (Let's say 10 in this example, so each stack/row has 1 to 10 cards in it).
- If you roll the die with the six symbols, you can use each of the six stacks/rows that has at least one card with the corresponding symbol on it. Now to build your character, you will need to spread your abilities over the different stacks/rows and have an assortment of different abilities in each stack/row...

Another couple of ideas:
- You also have a hand of cards and a deck, so you can adjust your stacks/rows.
- Some cards are one-use-only, and are replaced with a hand-card when used. (Discard-deck)
- Some cards just take up some of the total value of a stack/row, but they allow you to take extra cards from your deck into your hands.
- You can use the stack/row without an appropriate symbol which is next to a stack containing a card with the symbol that came up on the die, at the cost of discarding 3 hand-cards. (These are put under your deck to come up again later, they do not go on the discard-pile... => This might work great with a maximum number of hand-cards...)
- Cards can attack stacks/rows of your oponent. Maybe even a symbol (Yahoo!! More dice-rolling pleasure!!) => Your oponent must discard a card from a stack/row or a card with a certain symbol...


I know it's not immediately what you are looking for, but if felt a need to catch and write down the inspiration-particles flying around me...

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a new dice game

thanx for the replies gents!

Matthew I checked out Diceland,
and Gogolski read your comments.

Right now I'm busy with stuff, if you like the idea I have
no problem that you make a similar game, esp.
the stuff that your talking about Gogolski is quite
different from what I'm thinking, your idea is more
like a CCG cause it plays like a CCG.

My idea is much simpler than diceland.
I'm not thinking teams vs teams,
more like single dice vs single dice.
the combat will not be in depth.
when you loose all 6 cards which are your hit points then
you are out.
something very simple like this. Each match should take less
than 5 min.

For such a simple game, I think it would be great if
we made it together as a BGDF game.
Everyone has different talents here.
If we all helped a lil I think we can come up with the actual
product, the satisfaction of seeing it sell on e-bay or something,
and the benefit of having it on our resume.
the lil money that we make will have to be split.

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