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New first game idea...

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Hi everybody,

Im new to this so dont be to harsh :wink:
I thought up a game but it is still very crude and my english is not that good ( im from the netherlands :) )
So i hope you guys will understand it a bit and can give me some feedback. It s my first little try so i'll see.

Already thanks!!


The game is a political conquest game with the following items;

- 2 dices
- X hexagone cards in Y colors
- development-tree
- development-cards
- occurence cards
- scorecard
- buildings
- money

(ps: with hexagone a mean the same shaped forms as being used in settlers )

The game idea

There are y players who all have one country, A country is compiled of hexagones (provinces). Everybody chooses a social form, for example a communistic dictature ship, social democrats, kapatalistic democrats etc.
Every social form has a own development tree, here you can read a couple of developments that have certain result for your country. This can be rules, for excample that a democratic country can just attack another country, but also the right to construct certain buildings.

The purpose

The purpose is to get the biggest country

Playing the game

At the start of a turn the player may take a card. This can be a development-card or a occurence card. With the development-card you can take a step in the development tree and a occurence card can be played whenever the player would like to.
This could for excample be a negative event for a other country or a possitive event for your own country.

Next you van buy your army, every province may have one building and three armies
A building can be of certain types:
- control
- economy
- social needs
- defence

Every building adds to the score on one of these items. These scores are being held on a scorecard, the meanings are following:

Control within your country is important, not enough controle can leed to revolt or that one of your provinces will defect to amother country. A province that has this building on it has a country control score of plus 1

Social needs:
See Control

The economy buildings contribute to the income. Every building of this type delivers money every turn

Every defencebuilding will make you troop cheaper to buy, also is a army that stand on such a place stronger

Conquer a province
The conquering of a area can be done by attacking a neighbouring province with your troops, but also if your province is “stronger“ then the neighbouring province. This works in the following manner:
If one of the two scores within a provence is 2 times higher then the neighbouring province en the other score is not more than two times lower the neighbouring province will defect.

Country 1 has a control-score of 13 ansd a social needs of 4
His province has a control building
Country 2 2 has a control-score of 10 en een social needs of 7
His province has a social needs building
The province of country 1 will be turned over to country 2, because the social needs are 2 times more and the control not more then 2 times as bad.

The conquering with armies works with dices. The number of spots will be equally shared over your troops that is in that specific combat. There van be a maximum of 3 armies on one province en if there is a defence building there defence score will be 1 point higher. Both players throw a dice. Who wins will be decided by counting the half of the thrown number of spots on the thrown dice to the number of troops. This number will be rounded up. Thus if there is thrown 5, this counts as 3 troops.

Province 1 has 3 troops and adefencebuilding.
Province 2 has 2 troops
player 1 throws 3 and player 2 throws 6
player 1 has then a score of 3+1+2 = 6
player 2 has then a score of 2+3 = 5
player 1 one has won

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New first game idea...

I'm thinking that Social Need buildings should determine the rate of rebuilding after attacks on that area, rather than adding to Control.
Health and Emergancy reliefs (for example) are Social Needs programs.

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