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New Forum Rules

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Joined: 04/23/2013

Effectively Immediately!

To reitterate the purpose of this subforum:

This forum is for discussing various ideas about game design; rules, game mechanics, themes, etc.

The Game Design forum was never intended to be a place to 'air' your game
ideas. The game journals are more suited for that purpose. If you would like to have your game idea receive public scrutiny/feedback from your peers, then you need to schedule a slot in the Game Design Workshop with Jwarrend (if you qualify). If you have a specific question in regards to a problem you are having with a design, then you may post an inquiry with that regard, and you may reference a link to your game's rules or abstract (whether it be via Journal entry, My Uploads, or on a seperate webserver). If you do not adhere to these regulations, then your post will either be moved to the off topic forum or simply deleted. These rules are being implemented in attempt to raise the general quality of posts being made in this subforum.

Thank you for your understanding regard this new policy.

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