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Newbie Query

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Absolute beginner here, and wanted to know the best place to start. Are there any primers or faqs (here or elsewhere online) that outline the whole process from go to whoa? Basically all I have are some general (but good) ideas for board games.

Newbie Query

Yeah, the first place to start would be:

A) Make a playable game.

Seriously though. If all you have are ideas, you aren't ready to do anything. No one (with a few exceptions in the history of the world) buys or publishes Ideas. Get some graph paper/notebook paper/cardstock/blank cards/whatever and start making a playable game. Then:

B) Playtest.... playtest.... playtest.... playtest.... playtest....
C) Playtest.... playtest.... playtest.... playtest.... playtest....
D) Repeat steps B and C
E ) See step D

THEN you might consider step "F"
F) Start work on a nice looking prototype

I have designed 30+ games... none of them are published... only about 7 are anything more than handwriting on some cards or a quick print off on some Avery pre-cut buisness cards.

The 7 that are "done" have been playtested for YEARS. After arriving to the conclusion that I am satisfied, I buy artwork (or beg for it)... I finalize the design and then I print some nice copies (by hand) to give to my friends and family.

You might think you have the greatest idea in the history of gaming... but so does everyone else. Ideas REALLY ARE a dime a dozen.


Newbie Query

I'm a newbie too, and here is what I've been doing.

hash out a rule set
hash out cards or die matrix
make a really cheesey game board on the computer and print it out.

play it with friends and see how it is or where the huge loop holes in the rule set are.

Reading how tos and tips on this forum are really helpful, but what I'm finding out is that playing and revising is the best way to get the rough edges off.
Of course finding friends who are willing to sit down a lot and play your game and offer brutal advice is sometimes difficult.

Good luck

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