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Plagiarism: The Board Game

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Hi, all. Here is a nebulous idea threatening to crowd out more impotant things in my head (eat food, now!)...

What if you had a bunch of novels strewn about the table? What could you do with them?

    Take the first sentence of a particular chapter or page, and add it meaningfully to a new story. If you are unable to use the sentence, you must pass it to the next player. Take a title from two novels, select one word from each and create a new title.
    The title determines how the next sentence must be incorporated.
Does anything here sound familiar? I can't stop thinking about this! (Too many Dan Brown Novels recently!)


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Plagiarism: The Board Game

Sounds like fun!

Could be a great tool for language teachers (and students). I only wonder how many novels you would need to play the game, let's say, for 30 minutes. Maybe you could play this in a bookstore or in a library (quietly). Or you could make cards for sentences and cards for titles. I'm not sure if that's OK regarding copyright although...

But it sure sounds like a promising game, I like the title too.

Good luck and don't forget to eat...


Plagiarism: The Board Game

i've seen improv teams use this concept to create comedy scenes.

One player selects one printed play and another player selects another. A third player is the "bridge."

(i'm referring to improv comedy players btw)

The scene starts with one player reading a line, and the bridge improvising a line. Then the second player quickly selects a line that he thinks fits. The bridge player improvises another line and then the first player goes again and so on until the host calls "scene."

The result can be hilarious (Mamet paired with shakespere with a talented improviser for the bridge, for example) but most of the time the scene ends up being pretty weak.

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