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Points! and can i trade them in for a stuffed animal?

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Please be merciful oh mighty critics

Okay, here is one of my ideas that i've almost have to the point of play-testing. Y'all can tell me what you think. The goal here was a tongue-in-cheek card game with kinda a demented twist. This stems back from a game we used to play when learning to drive. Remember when you were driving around and a little old lady with a walker was crossing the street and you'd say something like, "she's worth 2 points, 4 if i can grab the walker in mid air." Okay, kinda morbid but no worse then the card game "Let's Kill"

So there are the basics that I have down now, I know i have some trimming to do an that will come in play-testing. I'm looking at doing about a 100-150 all in one deck, none of this collectable stuff!

Game starts with each player (starting with the youngest) draws a vehicle from the vehicle deck. Currently there are six vehicles ranging from an SUV to a bicycle. Each vehicle has a Smash Value (SV)

Each player is dealt 3 cards from the action deck. The action deck contains three types of cards,

Vehicle Upgrades-these cards give bonuses or negatives to your SV.

Mission Cards- There are 10 mission cards that determine the goal of the game, ie "Add to your Hat Collection" in order to win the game you must run over the pope and take his hat.

Effects Cards- These are the cards that can be played on yourself or other players. More then one can be played in a turn however every player gets a chance to play a card before the starting player can play a second card.

There is a third deck, yea i know, too many decks. But this is the pedestrian deck. No big surprise but this has all 30 "people" that you get to run over. Each person has a points value attached to them. For example, "Little Kids Getting Ice Cream" has a points value of 2 because the kids are slow and easy to run over. If your SV value is greater then the Pedestrians value then they get squished and you keep the Ped. card

The game progress as such, well in theory atleast. The youngest player draws a vehicle, gets dealt three cards from the action deck. He/she plays any cards from hand if they wish and then draws a card from the Ped. deck. Compare SV vs Ped. Value. If the SV is higher you keep the ped, if you you return it to the bottom of the Ped. deck. Then draw one card from the Action Deck and play passes to the next player. (clockwise).

Okay, thats the basics. ideas, thoughts, comments, snide remarks?


Points! and can i trade them in for a stuffed animal?

Hmmm...the perverse part of our version was the slower they were the more points they were worth. Rewards for laziness I guess :lol:

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