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Questions on making a crop game

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I am in the process of creating a two-four player game in which the players compete on a 5x5 board, with each square representing an acre of land. The players have 5 different crops to choose from. I began to look up crop costs and I noticed that all of the stat tables have everything calculated to the cost per acre, but they also then throw in the costs for vehicle usage and all that other stuff.

Anyway should I just stick with the crop prices or is adding all of that stuff in essential?

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Questions on making a crop game

Nothing is essential in abstracting a theme into a game. It depends on how deep you want the game to be and how it playtests.

Bohnanza is a farming game, and it forces you to pull up an almost ripe field and lose the value you were close to getting just because you have seeds to be planted. It doesn't even try to be a thematically correct farming game, but it is a lot of fun if you're in the mood for a light filler between deeper games. If you started having to deal with maintaining the feels, irrigation, etc, it would be an awful game.

That's not to say your game wouldn't benefit from having those details. It just depends on the game.

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Questions on making a crop game

Check out the "Farming Game". I think it is back in print. It randomly uses all of the machines you would use on a farm. As kids we never played it properly, we always just ignored anything that said "if you have a tractor" and the like. I don't know if it is more fun with the machines or not.

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