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Robot Jox

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inspired by Robot Jox and ROBOXING

1 on 1, Giant Robot Battle Game.
comments suggestions greatly appreciated!

The game
You and your opponent battle each other's Giant Robot on a HEX board.
Each Giant Robot is represented by a token of different color/size/shape.

Constructing your Robot

Each robot may have up to 7 components listed off of the board.
Your opponent may not see this card chart.

Cock Pit
Engine (max 2)
Laser (max 2)
Saw (max 2)
Shield (max 2)

When your last Engine component is hit your robot can no longer move.
When your last Laser component is hit your robot can no longer shoot.
When your last Saw component is hit your robot can no longer cut.

The number of engines your robot has indicates how many spaces it can move.

Every robot also has one Torpedo (located in the Cock Pit).
Once you figure out the secret location of your enemy's Cock Pit,
the goal is to shoot the torpedo into the enemy Cock Pit for an instant win.
If you miss, you must win by hitting the enemy's Cock Pit with a Laser or Saw,

The Laser can be shot straight for an infinite number of spaces in the direction that it is located.

In your turn, you may choose one of the following actions:
shoot the Laser,
move your Robot,
move and cut with Saw
cut with Saw
fire the Torpedo.

Uses Component Damage System (CDS)
game is like a mini Battle ship where you are guessing where
the opponents components are.

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