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Rumble in Hollywierd, Z-Man entry

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Rumble in Hollywierd

By Xan Lynch

The denizens of Hollywierd have enjoyed an uneasy peace for to long. Now a brutal gang war has broken out and the streets are under siege by roaming gangs of movie monsters. Each player takes the part af a gang leader out to tag territory and rough up the rival gangs.

1 game board
The game board shows a section of downtown Hollywierd. The board is divided into 16 to 20 city blocks separated by streets.

1 deck of 50 turf cards
Deal 1 turf card, face down, on each city block. These cards represent unexplored turf. Each card will provide new troops or bonuses of some sort. Some cards may have minor gangs that you must fight to control the block.

1 deck of troop cards
These cards represent vampires, wolfmen, gillmen, mummies, and golems (Frankensteins monster) that can be recruited to join your gang. Each type of troop has a number of action points that are used during combat, a health point number, and a special attack and/or ability of some sort.

Rumble orders (one-sided cardboard tokens or cards)
These are used to resolve battles. Each rumble order has an action point cost and an effect. Examples: Punch - Cost, 1 action point / Effect, cause 1 damage. Duck and Jab - Cost, 2 action points / Effect, block 1 damage and cause 1 damage.

Gang pawns, 1 per player
These are used to show your gangs movement around the city.

Tagging markers, 1 set per player
These are used to “tag” territory claiming it as your turf.

Game play:
Each player starts with 1 gang leader (a more powerful version of one of the troop types) and 1 block of turf under their control. Each turn consists of 3 phases: Move, Challenge, and Tagging.

Move - During the move phase you may move your gang to explore new turf or to challenge another gang for control of their turf.

Challenge - During the challenge phase you may challenge another gang for control of their turf. They may back down or rumble. During a rumble, each player secretly selects rumble orders for each monster in their gang. A monster may have any number of orders as long as the total action point cost of the orders does not exceed the monsters total action points. Starting with the challenger, each player takes turns choosing one of their monsters to face off against one of the opponents monsters. Once all monsters are faced off, players reveal their rumble orders and determine the results.

Tagging - During the tagging phase, players may place their tagging markers on newly acquired turf.

Game end and victory:
The game ends when all turf has been explored. The player with the most turf wins the game. Alternate win conditions include, be the first to control x number of blocks, be the first to locate and control certain goal cards mixed in with the turf cards, be the first to eliminate a rival gangs turf, etc. The type of win condition used would be agreed on by all players before the game starts.

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