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to similar to an existing game!?

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I am making a game and after playing it today, im afraid that the game ist to similar to a popular game already on the market.
I am using Settlers resource mechanic, with dices, numbers and the resorces!

I have several ideas built around this mechanic!
The people i was playing with told me that the game was good fun.
But they could clearly similarities to an existing game!

This has to do with the fact that im using a popular mechanic that i have made slight moderations to. Boardgamers would maybe argue that the mechanic is overused, but as i saw today the game could clearly be popular among peple that doesnt play games that much.

There are details left to take care of, but i dont how to move on. Is it worth the effort if the game as a might be afraid of is too much a version of an existing game?

What if I have made a version af an existing game with new theme, addes some new mechanics, and extra features, but is that enough?

What shall I do, any advice on how to develop my game further?
I need some help in order to move on with my work.

This must happen from time to time since its very hard to make something that never has been done before.

Are there any rules of thumb on how much your game has to differ in order to make companies interested of it?

I really need your help in this.



to similar to an existing game!?

Love to help you out. Can you give us some more information about your game? Or the mechanic? Better to bring it all out now and risk criticism, than putting a lot of work into it and having it fail for whatever reason.

Tough love questions follow:

If it's very similar to an existing work, then let me ask the obvious question: Why would you bother? Derivative works (The "me too" kind of things) have even a greater risk of failure than going about things the conventional way - I.E. Promoting something more original. If it's highly derivative, then what would set this apart from the original so that someone would want to own it? Is the original missing something your game would provide?

Just some points for you to ponder. Please tell us about the game though. Getting some feedback from other people, outside of your personal friends, is crucial to the creative process. Sometimes, the best help you can get is being asked tough questions.



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Re: to similar to an existing game!?

johant wrote:
I am using Settlers resource mechanic, with dices, numbers and the resorces!

Well, in that case I'll echo the "too similar" sentiment. Although Boomtown also uses a similar dice-and-numbers mechanic, it omits the resources, instead it simply pays out gold, which is just enough change to make it obviously derivative, but not "too similar".

Joined: 12/31/1969
to similar to an existing game!?

too bad!

I have to make more changes then!


I dont know what to do, the ones i was playing with asked me to play again since it was so fun!

There are similarities, but most important of all its fun!


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