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Simple PbEM game

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Hello, everyone

I know this forum is oriented towards board and card games, but maybe some of you could be interested in a simple PbEM game I’m working on. It’s an adaptation from “The Mafia game” that I saw in the Magic: The Gathering forum.

It requires 20 players –the mafia chief, 4 mafiosos and 15 citizens. Mafia players know each other, while every citizen only knows his own role. Every turn has two phases:
1.- Lynching: Every player votes two players to be lynched. The most voted player leaves the game. Moreover, citizens get points: 1 point if voted a mafia player, and 2 points if voted the mafia chief. Mafia players don’t get any points.
2.- Murder: Mafia players choose and kill a player, who leaves the game.

This is repeated until:
a.- All Mafia players have left the game –in this case citizens win; or
b.- There are more mafia players than citizens –in this case mafia players win.

More stuff:
.- When a player leaves game, their role and their accumulated points (if citizen) are publicized.
.- Mafia players can talk to each other, but citizens cannot.
.- The game works via e-mail, with a 21st player (the game organizer)

These are the basis. If some of you want to know more details I have in mind or even test it, please, let me know.

Thank you all.


P.S. I hope you understand my english. Writing this made me sweat blood.

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Simple PbEM game

Although this is not a board game it is very interesting and sounds similar to the card game werewolf. I can see how the mechanics for voting could be used in a board game with fewer players. I have two questions about the rules.

Lynching: What happens if two players get the same number of votes?

Murder: Is there any way that the murder could fail?

P.S. Don't sweat it your engish is better than mine.

Simple PbEM game

Yeap, Dralius, the game is similar to werewolf, but the “play by e-mail” option allows to involve large numbers of people more easily. At least to me, it’s hard to find more than 6 or 8 friends willing to play a game at the same time, not to mention to test it!

About your questions:
.-Tie: When a player votes two other players to be lynched, he has to specify an order: first voted and second voted. In case of tie, the player with most first votes is lynched, and the other remains in play. If the tie persists, players are asked to make a third vote. However, this “third vote” rule can be changed: if the tie persists, no player leaves the game lynched that turn. It would benefit citizens, since it gives them more turns to get information through points obtained. I’d like to test both systems, and see.

.-Failed murder: In principle, mafia murders will be carried out automatically. Nevertheless, a new role can be included: The Bodyguard. This would be a citizen that can “protect” two citizens (except himself) every turn from mafia murders. So, if mafia chooses a protected citizen to kill, the murder fails. I’m not sure about include the bodyguard rule in the next test.

Another important detail:
All votes to lynching are public every turn, i.e. citizens will have the following information along the game:
.-Their own points;
.-The role of “dead” players;
.-The number of points obtained by “dead” citizens; and
.-The votes made by every player, every turn.
Obviously, mafia will have all the information (except who’s the bodyguard, if apply).

I’m planning to test this game soon. If some of you are interested in participate, I will be very glad. I have enough friends to test it, but doing it with some game designers would be great! Moreover, trying this (slightly) different kind of game can give new ideas for board and card games to designers (and also fun, of course)

I’d like to play weekly turns: 4 days to lynching, and 3 days to murder (and protect, if apply). So, players will need only a few minutes per week to play. Mafia players and bodyguard a little more.



P.S. is this the correct place to post this? I’m very new here, and don’t know well how it works. Is this topic far away from this site purposes?

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