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Simultaneous Action design tips..?

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Hey, all:

I'm working on a fighting game inspired by too many japanese Giant Monster (Kaiju) movies. So anyway, the way it works so far is that players deal out 'Monster Parts' (heads, arms, legs, etc) in a sort of 5-card draw, and after two draws they build the best monster they can and prepare to fight. I've tested it myself using turn-based attacks, and it's kind of slow. I want this game to be much more of a brawl, and am interested in finding some sort of simultaneous action mechanic that would work for this game.

What I'm thinking is that, maybe each player has two markers and they all put their markers down together, one for the monster part they're attacking with, the other for the monster part they're attacking. Then the players evaluate the proposed attacks and decide which ones take precedent over the others. The attacks are scored, and players lose health points where appropriate.

Anybody have an opinion on this?

Simultaneous Action design tips..?

I have two ideas:
1: Each body part could have a "speed" statistic indicating that it's attacks are faster. This probably would be inverse to the strength of the attack...

2: The attacks could be on cards as well, and all players could play cards simultaneously. Each card would still need some kind of initiative or speed to determine whiich happens first.

Hope this helps.

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