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Sneak-and-Steal Type Game

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I am currently working on a sneak-and-steal type game.

In the game players team up to steal money and jewlrey while sneaking away from security guards.

The game plays on a 10 x 10 hex map. (I am currently using a Stratego board for the prototype) I made small marks on the board with washable markers that I can take off and reapply every game. These marks show each security guard's path of movement, as players won't actually be playing as them. Security Guards will represent different security measures taken in stores and such, not just humans.

For the prototype, players are Monopoly pieces (4). Guards are Clue pieces (4). Money and Jewlery are beads or coins.

To start, place each guard at their starting position and put each player in their starting positions. Roll the dice. The highest number goes first. Play goes clockwise from there. Play goes as follows: First Player, 1st Security Guard, 2nd Player, 2nd Security Guard, 3rd Player, etc, etc.

To move a player rolls two dice, adds up the total, and subtracts two, and move that many spaces. A 0 counts as a 1.
To move a security guard, roll one die and move that many spaces.

When a Security Guard lands on a space that a player is on or directly next to a space where a player is (not diagnal) that player draws a card from the security pile and does what the card says. All money and jewlery is put back into the treasure pile.

To collect money and jewerly, you must land on a space with a bead (or counter) on it. Draw a card from the treasure pile. Keep that card unless you somehow lose it.

Example Security Card:

Security Camera
A security camera is pointed right at you. Move to your starting position. You cannot move for two turns or another player lands on your square.
There is only one blind spot to a security camera. Directly underneath it. Unfortunatly, you didn't know that.

Example Treasure Card:

Diamond Ring
You find a box and open it. Inside it is a diamond ring. Estimated Value: $2,000
Oooohhhh.... Diamond.

The winner is the player who has the most money (est. value of treasure items) at the end of the game.

The end of the game? The end of the game is the player's decision. Before the game starts, they decide a time limit, a money limit, or whatever they want.

Thanks. Feedback greatly appreciated.

Sneak-and-Steal Type Game

To simplify the player movement, you could use a pair of "Hard Dice" from Fat Messiah Games. These are six-siders that are numbered 0-5 for the game "Hard Vacuum." That saves you from having to subtract 2 from your movement roll every time.

I know that Neil (Sofge, of Fat Messiah) go the dice from a German manufacturer. They weren't custom-made for Hard Vacuum. That means that someone else out there in the world also has a need for dice labeled 0-5.


Sneak-and-Steal Type Game

Couple of questions on your game.

1. Do your security guards cover (potentially) the entire board? or are there places where your character is safe?

2. (stupid question) Do camera's move? or are they fixed? From what I gathered that they are actually just names on the cards and the security pieces move...

3. Do players have a chance to avoid being spotted by a guard? Perhaps the player rolls one die, and the guard two, if the player wins, he managed to hide in the nick of time?

Over all the game sounds good, though if the security guards potentially cover the entire board, it seems that its possible that the entire chance of getting caught is merely chance.

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