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Starting player and turn order

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I'm seeking a bit of input from the community.

For my new game, I can't have a regular turn order around the table. Since it's a coop game and shared resource game, the one buying the resource will always provide a fresh arrival of resource for the following player.

I'm thinking about having an out of table order turn. The strongest player play first (providing the shared resources) and the weakest player last (so the can use it more and score points)

I use the same process for my first attemp of Homini Terra (Look it up in the GDW)

I have few question and would like to have few comments from you.
Is having an out of table order too mixing up for people? (Civilization use this for his military turn order)

Anybody have read a nice starting and playing order system, beside table order.

For the moment I'll await some post and maybe clarify the question based on your comment.


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My favorite solution to this problem

Dalmuti has a cleverly disguised way of changing the player order. Give each people a rank at the end of each "turn", and then have them actually change seats. By mixing in a theme, they turn it into one of the biggest strengths of the game.

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Starting player and turn order

I don't think that a changing player order is that complicated - as long as it is clearly signposted. For instance, when I have used it, it has often been a factor that the players can plan for (if I do X, then I will be position Y next turn.) Likewise, an auction mechanic for player order is perfectly acceptable and can provide an interesting dilemma: how much am I willing to pay for the right to get the action I want?
However, I would be concerned about it in a "gateway game" (to tie this into another current thread :-) unless it was made a central feature of the game (as in the Dalmuti example.) Players who don't have much experience of games will tend to have enough trouble tracking other aspects without wanting to worry about the fact that they are before and/or after different players in each round.

FWIW I use "player order cards" quite frequently, with specifc phases in which they change hands (and it's not always the last phase of the turn!)

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Starting player and turn order

A couple games (New England for example) have a variable turn order in which you have an indicator... in that case you first take turns choossing a number 1-10, then you take turns in number order, highest to lowest. Then your actions cost an amount of money equal to your number. The result is that you can go early but pay more, or get cheap actions but have to settle for whatever's left.

- Seth

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Starting player and turn order

Talk about luck, I just heard about Neuland on GeekSpeak.

The game has a variable playing order system that could work fine with my game. Look it up at

It is very clear, convinient and it is simple.

Using the time marker wisely, I could handle season better.
Since I'm doing a Napoleonic theme game, winter is a big part of this. I was greatly in need of something simple to mark the time.

Any other input are welcome.

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