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Suppliers for game pieces?

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Hi all -

I searched this site and the web but didn't find exactly what I'm looking for.

Basically, can anyone recommend a supplier of generally generic gaming pieces?

Pawns, dice, ... little cars... things like that.


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Suppliers for game pieces?

How hard did you look? Go to Web Resources -> Game Bit Resources, there are a bunch of suppliers there. "Plastics for Games" seems pretty good, but they're in the UK, so I haven't ordered from them. Rolco makes very high quality products but you need to order a lot. Matthew (FastLearner) found a great site with wooden pawns and cubes at

Good luck finding what you need...


Suppliers for game pieces?

"How hard did you look? Go to Web Resources ->..."

Well, ok, GUILTY - silly me, I guess I would have clicked on the link if it said something like "Suppliers"... :?

I don't think of suppliers of physical things as "web resources".. maybe just resources. Well, anyway, now I know!

I'll check out your other link as well.


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