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Tableless card game

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When I was in the bus, I tought about some sort of new game mechanics that could be cool to generate simple games. A card game that does not require a table to play. The kind of game you can play in a car, train or bus. I don`t know it it as already been used.

I tried to identified actions an ways to record information in those kind of games. If you have other ideas, feel free to add.

Normally, all the cards should be distributed in the player`s hand. So there is no main deck or card drawing. The cards could be hold either as a normal hand or stack then all over one another like if you where keeping a deck of cards in your hand.

If could be either use a set of cards distributed for everybody, or each player has his set of cards. The number of cards in hand should vary from 1 to 10. It must be possible to hold them easily in hand. Maybe also use smaller cards.

--- Info record and actions ---

- The order of the cards in the hand could mean something.

- The fliping of the cards could mean something. For example, a face down card in your hand mean that it has been used.

- The rotation of the card in hand could also influcence the game. An upside down card could have different abilities than an upside up card.

- Maybe player could exhange cards, or give/receive cards to/from other players.

- Maybe some verbal information can trigger action. For Example, The player call a color forcing another player to flip some cards in his hand.

--- Goal of the game ---

- Get rid of all the cards in your hand.

- Flip down all your cards in hand.

- Have a certain configuration of cards ( suite, pairs )( like mahjong) to win.

I thinks these kind of games can be cool since you can play anywhere.

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Tableless card game

Maybe you could have something like this (4 players):

Every player gets 13 cards (jokers aren't in this one). Next, every player gives one card to his left hand neighbour. You try to form rows of four following cards (that could be 2 - 3 - 4 - 5, B - Q - K - A or anything like that). If you have one of these rows in one colour, it's worth two points. If you have one in two colors, it's worth one point, if you have two colors in the following order R - B - R - B or B - R - B - R, you get five points.

Every turn you give one of the other players a card of yours and demand one back that's either: 1. of higher value 2. of equal value 3. of lower value. You determine what card you need.

If you don't have a card the other player asks for, you can do two things; accept the card he has given you and give him two of your cards or don't accept the card; in which case everything remains the same. First player at a certain number of points wins.

Only thing that may not work about this is that the players all start with a great amount of cards and chances are relatively high that they can form one or more rows immediately. But that's not for me to figure out,

good luck!

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