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Taking pieces in a battle field game

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In my effort to design a board game, which simulates a battle (fully of strategy and thinking) i need a way to remove pieces from the board in a fairly systematic fasion but with a small percent chance for the underdog. Also i want it to be fairly simple so that there wont be any argueing over rules, unlike my current rules.

Thanks for responces in advance.

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Taking pieces in a battle field game

Not sure I understand what you mean by *small percent chance* for the underdog.

Do you mean you want the removal of an underdogs pieces to have a small percentage chance for removal?

And is the game player vs player, or does the game have a common enemy for all players (cooperative play game...)?

And what are your current rules for this and why do you think they are causing issues?

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Taking pieces in a battle field game

To echo Zzzzz,

If you are looking fo a solution to a specific game system problem, then you need to provide some of the details of the system that has the problem.

It sounds like you are trying to fix a combat system in your game. Right now the rules are either unclear to your playtesters, or the rules are broken. Either way, it's causing your players to argue.

You want your combat system to favour the stronger combatant, with a small chance of success for the weaker one. There are many many ways that you can create such a balance.

Give us more information about the game and the combat system you have already, and we will be able to help you more effectively. A simple thing such as telling us the setting of a game often provokes much better response than a generic "I need a combat sytem" post.



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Taking pieces in a battle field game

I havent hardly test played my game. I am trying to get an original way to remove pieces. It is a game sort of like chess in that pieces have a set path they can take. But you have the ablity to move multiple pieces on a single turn. They have a set number of squares they can move and can move any combination of pieces to use their squares, they have to use one but dont have to use all of them. There are natural features suchas water and trees which help to change up strategy. I cant figure out is a chess type style should be used, anything can take anything. What i want is an original combat system.

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Taking pieces in a battle field game

By suggesting that underdogs get 'a small percent chance' you seem to be indicating that you want some random/luck factor involved. Here's one such idea, that links in with the 'move multiple pieces rule', that I think could work quite nicely.

Lets say players are allowed to move 5 pieces per turn. Give each player a set stock of combat cards, say 8. Each card represents a type of attack, and has an attack value listed which depends on the card selected by the enemy. Also, certain unit types get further +ve or -ve modifiers when using that type of attack.

For example:

Attack Type: 'Skirmish'
vs 'Skirmish': 3
vs 'Firing Line': 1
vs 'Column of attack:' 4
vs 'Reckless Charge': 2

+2 when using 'light' trrops
-1 when using heavy troops
Cannons may not skirmish

Now, when a player moves to attack an enemy piece, both players secretly select one such card from their hand, and simultaneously reveal it. The ratings are looked up according to which card the enemy chose, and modifiers added (each unit type may have it's own rating which adds to the rating looked up from the card). The winner captures the looser.

The twist to this idea is that once the cards have been played, they are layed face up. Once the attacking player has played all his attack cards, he may make no more attacks that turn, but may otherwise continue to move pieces. If the defending player runs out of attack cards, he may reuse face up ones but must announce to the attacker which one he is using, thus giving his attacker the advantage of seletcing the best card to counter it, which may be selected from his already played cards if he chooses.

This adds a number of tactical and strategic considferations for both players:

- if in your turn you seriosuly deplete your stock of battle cards then you will be left vulnerable to counter-attack in your opponents turn.
- only initiate large scale attacks when you have the advantage in holding more battle cards.
- if you have advantage of a particular unit type in a given area of the board then pressing an attack with it may cause the opponent to become depleted in battle cards appropriate for that unit type.
- the best attacks will be ones that are built up over several turns, moving pieces to strategic locations, building up battle cards of the right type, before unleashing all that whoop-ass on your opponent. But don't wait too long, or he might get in first.

Also, you could simulate the following factors by distributing more or less battle cards to players each turn:

- damaged morale results in getting less cards
- inadequate supply lines gets less cards
- powerful generals get more cards, weak generals get less.
- force a trade off between movement and combat by giving some battle cards a dual use to enhance the movement capability of a certain unit. Then you must decide whether to use that card for movement or combat.
- separate commands. If each side has multiple generals, allow each 'command' it's own set of battle cards, so that attacks may be directed against the enemy force which is weakest.

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