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Teleco Game

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I am very new to this although I have designed small games using existing boards/pieces. I am venturing out and creating a game from scratch. Since I work in the telecommunications business I thought I would mold my game around this. Some what of a monopoly meets aquire meets stocks and bonds. This would be a board game with, dice, counters, "fake money" and other aides. I have been working out the basics the last few weeks and thought I would search the web for Ideas. I came across this site and WOW what a resource. Here is the basics for my game. Please comment and critics are always welcome.

2-5 players. 1 large map of the US divided into "customer markets" Each market has a name(IE- NY-and Northeast) with a coresponding market card, similar to monopolies property card. I have worked out some of the board and it should have between 30-40 spaces. Like I said each space with a name and a also a Number:2 to 20. The number represents starting customer base (IE NY- and Northeast = 8) Players will recieve 2 random starting markets. These markets are undeveloped and players must race to add services, compete for the customer base and survive random events as cards are drawn simlar to monopoly. Players can buy stock in each others companies to allow "Votes" to be taken that may help or hinder players as the build out and add new markets. Additionally players have to pay upkeep for there services, determine revenue gained and try not to run out of money or luck.

If you have any ideas or feedback please let me know. I have spoken to about a dozen people at work and many of them have given some input and would like a game to be developed for fun, since our business is one of the most competitive.

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Teleco Game

Hi and welcome!

Your last sentence is telling! Some of the mechanics you mention I'd normally shy away from as being far too random (e.g. card draws ala Monopoly). Considering the subject matter, I'd have pictured a cut-throat game, which means luck would disrupt careful plans, but it seems you want something more fun, less brutal. In that case, luck isn't as much of an issue, since the players are outto have a good time, an luck can add a dash of "devil may care".

I'd say start your rules from the beginning of a turn, and list the options at each step. After that, a board and a basic goal and you're almost ready for a playtest.

Keep in mind, though, that much of teh draw for playing a telco game would be in recreating what most prople would imagine the experience of taking over the telecom market to feel like. Don't be stingy with re-creating elements of the real thing, even if it adds a bit of bite to the game that, as a professional in the field, you personally don't find very fun in the average workday. World war isn't fun either, and yet Risk sells like hotcakes.

good luck, and keep us posted!

Also, check out the playtesting forum, and the web resources. Also, list yourself in the registry, to find playtesters in your area.

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Teleco Game

The first thing that came to find reading your description was Power Grid I've never played it, but the idea of having regions that players are attempting to service seems the same. Reading that game might give you some ideas and decide where you want to make your game different.

I think I have some ideas to help, but your initial paragraph is not particularly detailed. I will watch this thread and see if any of my ideas mature enough to even write them out.


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