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That's it War Reloaded

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Heres what I have so far you start out you choose your team They dont have names yet so call them Red and Blue. Red gets More soldiers and less terrotories and blue gets more terrotories and less soldeirs. To win you must capture and hold for 2 turns 20 points worth of terrotories. soldiers so far consist of Man O War 4 att 3 Def Morale 3, transport Ship 0 Att 2 Def Morale 0, Catapult 4 att 1 Def 2 morale, Horse mounted Knight 4 att 3 def 6 morale, horse mounted REG 4 att 2 Def 3 morale, Reg on foot 2 att 1 Def 2 Morale, Knight on foot 3 att 2 Def 4 morale. depending on your soldiers morale is how much battles he can participate in. Battles work similar to Axis and Allies except For Morale. Leaders are used to boost certain attributes like Morale or Attack, but Leaders cost you points of terrain if you use terrain points they will be nullified during in your possesion meaning the points can not be put towards winning the game. The soldiers will cost money I do not have set prices yet, There will be a square around the board a bit like monoply but instead of Broadway the terrotories will be listed which ever ones you own in the middle you own in the ring. Each player has a marker on that ring placed on what ever terrotorie that they want making sure that they start with in the middle part.
before each player takes a turn they roll and move there marker if they land on there terrotorie they get 10 gold if they land on an enemy space the enemy gets 10 gold and the amount of point total the terrotorie they landed on is worth they must pay equal in gold out of there own pockets.

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That's it War Reloaded

I never did play Axis or Allies, so I can't say if adding morale is enough of a tweak to make a new game worthwhile.

One question about morale though. How many army pieces will be on the board? Will it be easy to remember that piece 1 has attacked once, but piece 2 has attacked 3 times?

The money track doesn't fit the theme, and a few bad rolls could knock someone out of the game. I'd think of a different income method.

Be sure to read some of the other rulebooks people have posted here in the showdowns and in journals. They may give you some ideas about how to make the rules more clear.

I know you're eager for feedback, but a more patient approach to hearing from other gamers would help. The multiple and sometimes hostile messages here, on BGG, and in IMs will alienate people. Give people a day or two to reflect.


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