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Time Travel Card Game Design Feedback

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I'm part of 3J games (a for fun game company that releases games that can be downloaded for free). We're working on a time travel card game with ccg deck construction and we've posted the card templates online. I'd appreciate any feedaback (good or bad) on the design. You can view them here:

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Time Travel Card Game Design Feedback

hi there,
nice site.

combatant sounds awkward to me, how about "fighter"?

you said time travel,
the center card you have, I wish it were more like a
3-d looking worm hole. In other words "more" than
what you got there. Like a spiral tunnel, you know...

but really those 2 things I mentioned are small things
over all looks good to me

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Time Travel Card Game Design Feedback


Well, you beat me to the time-travel game! Some design points I would respectfully change:

Center your category text ("event", "battle") in all cases. Modifiers like "discard" can go below the category text, or you can bold cap the whole thing, play with the wording to get: "Temporary Event" or Permanent Event" etc, and center the whole thing.

Your category font is kind of generic. I don't know the game, but I imagine something more streamlined and futuristicky. There are hundreds of great fonts out there.

Your icons are generally good, but the three in the bottom left corner of the Combatant card are flat and off-theme in comparison. A little paint work on them to add some depth would fix the situation right up.

Your best rendering of the bevel-box occurs on the Goal card, while on the other cards it's less ambitious. Keep the ambition high in all instances.

Maybe make the white-grey gradient on the horizontal text bars symmetrical? Then put a small drop-shadow under it and to the right. This will mimic the light source implicated by your bevel boxes.

Aside from that, everything seems to be good, and functional... colour choices are nice and distinct. It's difficult to get a real impression without any details or art on the cards, but they look tight. Good work so far, looking forward to seeing the next level!


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