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The other day I was playing around with simple ideas that could possibly be tweaked and be implemented into a game. I game up with this:

Each player sets out one piece per turn. Each piece moves and another piece is place, creating a line of pieces. When two opposing pieces meet, there is some sort of 'combat' that determines which piece is destroyed. The winning pieces up into the losing piece's spot and the rest of the line is moved up as well. Another piece is not placed until next turn, and sence movement happens first, a piece may create a gap in the line, starting a new line.

The goal would be to get to the other side of the board first.

I was just wondering if this could be put into a game at all?

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Very interesting idea.... I think it could work, not sure where.

I will have to ponder....

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There's an old game called Battle-Cry that sort of works like this; you line up your troops, and when they face an opponent's line, you sum up each line's total strength (infantry 1, cavalry 2, artillery 2). Then, the last piece in the winner's line "jumps" over the end of the opponent's line, and all the opponent's pieces disappear. Not exactly what you're saying, but related, I think.

Good luck!


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